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Audry is a Freelance Writer from Phoenix, Arizona with a careful eye for detail and a special talent for creative storytelling.

Her work has been published both in print and on the Web. She has written for the award-winning criminal law publication Prison Legal News, A&E Network, FreeeUp Business, and more.

She has additional experience ghostwriting for various blogs around the Web, including crafting specialized sales content for local businesses such as SYNLawn Arizona, and various Phoenix-area law firms.


Audry specializes in legal writing, with a targeted focus on criminal justice. A former freelance contributor for Prison Legal News, she is skilled in translating case law into top-quality news articles for a layperson readership.

In addition to legal news reporting, Audry has long enjoyed working with busy legal professionals who are seeking to attract new clients through their professional website or blog.

Audry also enjoys writing reported essays and stories about criminal justice, social sciences, economics, and anthropology.


Criminal Justice, Law, Social Sciences, Economics, Criminology, Anthropology, Psychology, Real Estate


50 Projects Completed

Audry first got started with legal writing when she helped a friend write a leniency request to the judge presiding over her criminal case, with the defense attorney's permission. Afterward, that friend began referring other people who were facing criminal charges, as well as their worried family members, to Audry for assistance with requesting leniency in handwritten letters to their respective judges.

This early experience sparked an interest in criminal law, and Audry quickly took to studying criminal justice procedure on her own time purely out of genuine fascination for the subject.

In late 2016, she began ghostwriting informational blog posts for local law firms, eventually landing a spot as a freelance contributor for Prison Legal News.

In her spare time, Audry answers questions about criminal justice on Quora, where she has built a following for her expertise on the subject. Her answers on the site have been read over a million times by people all over the world.

Her short essay, "Felony Warrant," published on her Medium account, was recognized by Medium Staff as recommended reading in 2017.


200 Projects Completed

Audry has considerable experience writing articles for print publications as well as in various formats for audiences on the Web, including blog posts, essays, case law summaries, sales copy, reported news articles, interviews, and more.

She is adept at targeting a broad range of audiences, and is comfortable creating content for both B2B and B2C purposes.

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