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Amy S C
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Joined 2/10/2018
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Amy writes professionally for new media, legacy publishers, private businesses, nonprofit organizations, and educational testing and textbook companies. She has published 45 books conventionally and writes thousands of words a day.
She is experienced in writing about emerging technology and current tech, including SaaS, PaaS, and mobile apps. She is experienced in marketing techniques, and enjoys writing SEO content that doesn't sound like a machine wrote it.
Her experience in for-profit business planning in industries ranging from New Space companies to high-end negociant wineries and high-tech PaaS and SaaS solutions in finance, pharma, and healthcare helps her to craft optimal content for B2B and B2C customers. She loves to use the StoryBrand model for brand messages. With a background in affordable housing and economic development as well as 20 years as a college English teacher (including certification as an online educator), she can promise clients that her writing will be flawless, effective, and elegant.
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