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Amy has written professionally in all media from legacy publishers to educational testing and textbook companies. She has published 36 books conventionally and writes thousands of words a day. Her experience in for-profit business planning and marketing and academic background assures clients that her writing will be correct, effective, and even elegant.
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Business, educational, research, science, technology, legal, sustainable lifestyles, and fun writing like pets, animals, fitness, and nature.


Hiking, fitness, and outdoor living.


Scripps College

Amy received two Bachelor of Arts degrees in British/American Literature and Studio Art from Scripps College in Claremont, CA.

Chapman University

Amy received a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing degree from Chapman University in Orange, CA. The degree was awarded with full honors and encompassed 120 units, along with a concentration in International Literature and teaching education. She also served as Graduate Assistant to Faculty Governance at the university.


901 Projects Completed

As an active community college teacher and writer for textbook and educational assessment companies, Amy has direct experience that can help produce strong educational content at all levels. She also works with a private educational company teaching K-3 grade children and has developed curriculum for Common Core and state standards for different age groups. She has experience writing about K-12 and college education and writing about many different academic subjects (ELA, Social Studies, Earth Sciences, Languages, Writing) for textbooks, online, and mobile education projects.


801 Projects Completed

Amy has written over 180 business plans for small- to medium-enterprises (SMEs) in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. In addition, she's written hundreds of business-related articles on topics ranging from marketing to business planning, financial administration, and tax-related issues. Her expertise is in both for-profit and not-for-profit industries.

Blog Post

1,238 Projects Completed

Amy has written hundreds of highly-ranked blog posts for a variety of businesses, including major auto buying or car information websites, major online sales portals, and for small- to medium-enterprises in many different industries. Her expertise covers a number of different business sectors, especially health, financial services, legal, and sustainable manufacturing (food, agriculture, beauty and health products). She is experienced in using AP, Chicago, and various house publication styles.

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611 Projects Completed

Amy has written web pages for marketing, information, advertising, and sales for dozens of companies in business sectors that include pets and veterinary services, car sales and auto insurance, healthcare (clinics, hospitals, private practices), home and life insurance, other writers (fiction and non-fiction), agriculture and food industry, and software companies.

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