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David K
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David's formal training includes print journalism, magazine writing, technical and process documentation, and advanced rhetorical analysis and composition.

But he grew up in a small family business with well drillers and plumbers. He knows how to turn a pipe wrench, and know how to swap a graphics card. This hands-on perspective adds an authenticity to his writing.

David is a highly flexible writer, with experience writing for and communicating with a wide range of audiences. He has written for a college newspaper (the College of Southern Idaho 'the Tower' 2001-2003), plus he's been published in Idaho Magazine ('Drill It Straight,' May 2012). He has written website copy for a drilling firm, and has written a number of blog posts for IT corporations and niche groups. He is especially good at interpreting highly technical information - such as laboratory reports - and rendering it in a way that most readers can easily understand. At the same time, he is competent holding forth an educated discussion in an academic setting.
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