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Rich M
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Most writers go to school to learn to write, earning an English or Journalism degree in college. Not this one. This writer learned how to write on the job, as a manufacturing engineer of all things. Through the need to write proposals and procedure on the job, Rich learned how to write clearly and concisely, anticipating the readers' questions and answering them before they could be asked. His writing isn't fluff, but rather a compilation of valuable information, presented in an easy to understand manner.

As a writer, Rich considers himself a book writer more than anything. In the 19 years he has been writing, he has penned (computered?) over 240 books, between his own titles and those he has written as a freelancer. This includes over 100 titles on disaster preparedness and survival, as well as 35 books on business management. In addition to this, he has written several thousand articles for websites and blogs.

Because of his technical background, Rich writes largely about technical subjects, construction, business management, do-it-yourself and other areas where he has knowledge. He has found the he can provide a better product when writing about areas where he has knowledge, than he can writing about just anything.

One of his prime subject areas is survival. Since becoming aware of the modern "prepping" movement, Rich has devoted a lot of his attention to providing his extensive knowledge about survival, in an effort to help others. Unlike some others, he has used the techniques he writes about and build the equipment he talks about building.
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