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Junou M
Writer #2448
Joined 4/4/2011
5 Star Rating
9,050 Projects
37 Endorsements
1 Elite Skills
Junou has over a decade of experience as a freelancer writer. In her 10+ years of experience, she has completed thousands of orders for various private clients, including WriterAccess clients.

Junou has the most experience writing content relating to business, marketing, and technology. However, Junou has many interests and loves learning new things. Therefore, she is always willing to take on orders from private clients relating to different topics.

Reviews from Clients:

- Tech Blog Post: "It's a pleasure working with you! I truly appreciate your work."

- Defense Equipment Web Copy: "Great content with very user catching wording. Very easy to communicate your project intent with."

- Auto Blog Post: "I truly enjoy reading the piece. It's good and I will be sure to check on you again."

- News Article: "You did an excellent job with this."

- Business Article: "You did a great job with this article! I'd love to add you to my love list and have you work on these types of topics again. Thanks so much!"

- Business Article: "You did a good job with this article. I will add you to my love list!"

- Dental Blog Posts: "Thanks Junou. Great stuff. I like your writing and hope to use you continuously for these dental blogs if you're interested."

- Tech Article: "Thanks for a great job on this blog post. I will be using you again!"

- WriterAccess Editor: "Your initial 'will surely be welcome' was grammatically correct as it is the predicate adjective. Good eye."

As you can see, Junou has a strong track record of satisfying her clients. Junou has never had any of her content rejected by a client in her 10+ years of experience. Ever since she became a journalist on the school newspaper in high school, Junou has been deeply dedicated to the writing craft. Therefore, she will stop at nothing to ensure she provides her clients with quality content.

As a full-time freelance writer, Junou responds to all queries from clients within just a few hours, if not minutes. Not only is Junou committed to providing quality content, but she is also dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

If you're interested in hiring Junou, feel free to send her a Solo, add her to your Love List, or send her a private message. Junou welcomes all the work she can get and completes most orders promptly.
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