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Maria is a sharp, innovative individual with interdisciplinary degrees specializing in literature and language, with a deep understanding of underserved communities. She is a forward thinking professional who works collaboratively to meet project goals with quickness and accuracy. Maria excels at communicating complex ideas easily and effectively. She holds a firm grasp of working with diverse clients, including have written about a variety of subjects for both public and private sectors.

Maria is an innovator who is passionate about community advocacy and is driven to support initiatives that integrate social justice, career readiness, and community engagement. In 2016, she was honored with the opportunity to study Peace and Conflict in Thailand and Cambodia as a Rotary Peace Fellow. This experience was a turning point in her career as a teacher. She is currently working as an education consultant with expertise in program design and strategic planning.
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Maria's specializes in articles and essays and can write on a wide variety of topics. She has expertise in education, fine arts, product descriptions, academic and technical writing, and blog and social media writing.


Her interests include the following: travel, literature, fine art, education, politics, and web writing.


Art Academy of Cincinnati

Maria earned a Bachelor's in Fine Arts from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where she focused her training on painting and sculpture. While attending AAC, Maria also minored in Art History, earning additional credits in Meso-american art from Central and South America.

University of Cincinnati

At the University of Cincinnati, Maria earned an interdisciplinary degree in Comparative Literature and Creative Writing while gaining experience as a teacher for first-time college students. While attending UC, she focused her studies on post-colonial theory and the works of Latin American writers.

She credits her expertise as a classroom teacher to the training she received at UC.

University of Texas at El Paso

At the University of Texas at El Paso, Maria earned an interdisciplinary Master's degree in Border Studies and Creative Writing. She focused her time at UTEP around understanding the complexity of the transnationalism and its impact on education and economics. In addition, Maria completed several creative manuscripts, including a novella that centered on her childhood in Ohio. She credits her rigorous training at UTEP with her abilities to research and analyze current trends in multiple subject areas.


3 Projects Completed

Maria has considerable expertise in education, program and curriculum design. She excels at strategic planning and is able to conduct research in a wide variety of areas. While working as a freelance writer and educational consultant for the non-profit Asante Africa, Maria drafted a proposal that explored links between industry and education in rural Kenya.


1 Projects Completed

As a professional writer and non-profit educational consultant, Maria had the opportunity to research existing resources for first-generation college students who struggle to complete schooling after high school. Maria excels at analysis and is able to quickly identify assets and weaknesses for a variety of organizations.


1 Projects Completed

Maria strives to create marketing materials that are interesting and readable for a variety of audiences.

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1 Projects Completed

Maria enjoys sharing her creative writing skills with clients who are looking for an unconventional voice.

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