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Brenda D
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Brenda has College certificates in Business Administration, Childcare, and Teacher Assistant (emphasis on Special Education). She currently owns and operates a small home-based writing service. She writes on any subject but mainly write niches and SEO articles.
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Specialty includes but are NOT limited to product reviews, SEO content, blog content, insurance and health related articles. Parenting issues and budgeting are also areas most clients seek content for.


Enjoy Sunday School, the movies, and walking on the beach.


Pensacola State College

Brenda attended local state college and received a college diploma in Business adminstration. Her courses included: Business Communications, Wordprocessing, Keyboarding I & II, Economics 1, Business Professions, Human Relations, Business Seminar and many others.She is proficient in wordprocessing and Lotus 1-2-3.

Pensacola State College

Attended her local college and completed high school from one of the umbrella sites. Entered into the first year of college immediately after graduation. Graduated from a preferred program of study two years later.


403 Projects Completed

Brenda has completed numerous articles in the automobile niche. She has worked exclusively for clients whose passions are old collectible cars, and new modern technology cars.

Brenda is proficient in conducting research, writing website content and placing the right graphics to their original text. Just look at sample below and the see for yourself.


230 Projects Completed

Brenda has also worked in the nursing industry as a certified nursing assistant for several years. Brenda enjoy writing health articles relating to weight loss, dental care, children health, diabetes, headaches, good nutrition, mental health, pregnancy, and physical well being. She continues to write health article for several copy writing companies.


136 Projects Completed

Brenda Has experience writing finance and budgeting articles. She currently write content for several well known copy writing services on the internet.Brenda enjoy conducting research on hot topics. Silver and gold investments is the hottest subject. However, she prefers writing in accordance to clients specification.


92 Projects Completed

Brenda provides lots of medical content for copy writing services and for private clients. She like to conduct research on various topics to ensure clients are getting the most up to date and accurate information on the internet. She enjoys writing about children medical conditions and behaviors as well. Really enjoy writing medical articles, each writing experience opens up new learning opportunities.


73 Projects Completed

Brenda has completed a variety of articles on the subject of business and internet marketing. Some of the content is SEO and other content is not. Subjects include; SEO internet marketing, application, and software. Brenda enjoy writing technical articles and completing all assignments according to the clients specification.


71 Projects Completed

Brenda writes for several companies,clients, and copy writing services. They require a variety of legally written content. She writes about DUI's, Traffic tickets, Trials, and other content where lawyers are greatly needed. Her personal writing does not limit her research abilities which are required to write these specific articles.

Real Estate

33 Projects Completed

Brenda has written several articles in the real estate niche. She has written home and apartment descriptions, locations and pricing. She has clients in the real estate industry which she writes for on a continual basis. Brenda is knowledgeable in this area and she is reliable.

Search Marketing

31 Projects Completed

The most requested content from many clients is SEO search engine optimization. Brenda has already written call to action pages, landing pages, about us pages and many others. She also writes other content associated with Search marketing according to the clients specifications.


22 Projects Completed

The majority of topics Brenda writes on this topic includes love, marriage and relationships. These subjects touches the heart. She enjoy helping people put their life in prospective when it comes to what they should or should not do. She currently write for several clients and copy writing services. She accepts the opportunity to write on these topics at any given time.


17 Projects Completed

Brenda enjoy writing about various pets sometimes but not often. Some clients really prefer coupons articles about obtaining free or reduced pet food. She has written about cats, dogs, horses and other animals. She researches and writes about whatever type of animal the client prefer.


12 Projects Completed

Brenda diligently work for several copy writing companies. The majority of the articles she writes are diet or health related. She strive to find important information which can be useful to readers. She likes to stay on top of eating right by conducting research on various subjects and providing gainful knowledge and insight.


10 Projects Completed

Brenda writes a lot of government content on various topics. Some topic includes MRE's or meals ready to eat and emergency preparedness. These are only a few topics that seems to be the most requested. Brenda is currently open to write about many other subjects that fall under this catergory.

Blog Post

1,544 Projects Completed

Brenda has completed more then 550 blog posts for clients in a variety of industries. She has impressed her clients with her elegant flare and dynamic views. She captures the tone, and the pulse of her audience, while portraying the truth in an easy to understand format.


547 Projects Completed

Brenda has written over 1500 articles for various companies.Assets can be defined as something that has value, and can be used as a collateral. Brenda has written many articles in this regard. Companies require their writers to point out their fine points. Creating articles for this purpose is educational and motivating and Brenda loves it.

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