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As an avid student of professional development, Jireh continues to seek opportunities to improve his writing and editing skills. Jireh is not only a business owner, he has a strong background in business to business sales and marketing. This experience uniquely qualifies Jireh to understand the challenges and desires of other business owners and their goal to grow their respective businesses.


Journalism, Research Writing, Internet Research, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing


Jireh's interest include personal development, helping others to succeed.


Colorado Technical University

Jireh his MBA with a GPA of 3.73 in just over a year. IN addition to his degree, Jireh obtained professional certification in Marketing Management and is an esteemed member of the Sigma Beta Delta. SBD is an international honor society in business, management, and administration.


2 Projects Completed

Jireh holds an MBA from Colorado Technical University, his marketing certifications include Marketing Management, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing. Jireh effectively used the Hub Spot platform to perform marketing automation, and client nurturing for a prominent client in California. The opportunity also allowed Jireh to write several blogs to help increase web traffic.


20 Projects Completed

As a Certified Publishing Journalist, Jireh has logged several hours of conducting interviews, and research to write, edit, and publish articles. His work has appeared in Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Cook County Record, and The New School.

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