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Joshua is the Senior Pastor at a church in IL. He has knowledge in several fields such as insurance, religion, home repair, product descriptions, real estate, blogging, SEO, copywriter and many others. He currently writes Theological pieces for the churches weekly bulletin.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Joshua was involved in the insurance industry for 2 to 3 years. He sold mainly personal lines (home, auto, boat, motorcycle, PELP, and others). He was also licensed in commercial insurance. One of his functions in the industry was the training of new agents and development of rate scenarios for potential clients. He has extensive knowledge in the terminology that relates to the insurance field.

Real Estate

Joshua has been written a number of articles dealing with the real estate industry. He has personal knowledge about how to buy and sell a home. He also has knowledge of what it takes to get people to look at homes on the market. He currently writes for several real estate blog sites with great success.


Joshua is currently Senior Pastor at Henry Baptist located in Henry, IL. He has received his M.A. in Theological studies from Faith Theological Seminary. He is active in helping people through the study of the Bible and helping them relate it to their life.

Product Projects

  • Press Release10+

Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

Joshua has been writing press releases for over a year. He knows the correct format that they are written in.

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