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Lisa has been writing professionally for nearly 20 years. She has also spent 17 years working in various capacities in the healthcare industry. She has worked as an editor and vice president of operations for a small press publisher, as well as several independent publications. She prides herself on a keen attention to detail and a drive for perfectionism in every piece that she writes. She has written previously on such topics such as literature, reading, parenting, autism, education, and healthcare, as well as various business and tech topics. Lisa has also published a nonfiction collection of essays on raising a child with autism.
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Autism, special needs, education, parenting, healthcare, literature, publishing.


Literature, parenting, education, history, technology, healthcare, natural health, and medicine.


2 Projects Completed

Lisa has been a contributing writer to 2 paid blogs as well as running her own blog where she talks about parenting a child on the autism spectrum. She is a mother of 3 children, all of whom have ADHD, one of whom has autism and a mild cerebral palsy. She has extensive experience in balancing work and family and raising kids in a safe and healthy and supportive manner. She also has experience in raising children that are exceptionally gifted and has written previously on this as well.


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Lisa has written quite a few buyer's guide type articles, as well as various informative articles for a variety of clients. She is well versed in researching for consumer products and tech topics.

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Lisa has been blogging both personally and professionally about a variety of topics for over 15 years. She has blogged about everything from life to politics to product and book reviews, to SEO related content. She has a passion for sharing information no matter how obscure.

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