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Bart H
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Bart has spent some forty years in the business and manufacturing worlds. He worked extensively in the theater and restaurant businesses, largely in management capacities, and he also spent many years in operations in the chemical industry. He has a thorough grasp of accounting principles and more limited experiences with taxes. His special avocational fields of study are language and psychology. He has numerous years of writing experience. He is the author of eight novels in various genres and one nonfiction book about thought. Although he exemplifies the fact that studying thought doesn't necessarily translate into actual increased thinking ability. He recently entered the copywriting arena.
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Bart's specialties include management and business, accounting, and psychology and human development.


Bart has been a student of psychology, symbols, and language for nearly 50 years. He is an avid boxing and tennis fan. He enjoys the chess struggle and has played in many minor, and a few major, tournaments throughout the years, without much success, but with much enjoyment. He has also been an enthusiastic, if not particularly talented, rock climber and mountain hiker on such mountains as Mt. Elbert and Mt. Rainier. Above all else, except for family, are his passions for reading, study, and writing, focusing largely on psychology, language, and symbols.


Galveston College

Bart graduated in 1980, Phi Theta Kappa, with a Major in Accounting.


54 Projects Completed

Bart has completed over 200 projects of various types in the content writing field, in industries as varied as transportation and logistics, accounting, retail, manufacturing, and real estate. His goal is to provide content that is unique and completely satisfactory to the client. He brings a wide range of business experience to his writing, along with a keen general interest in how the business world works.


11 Projects Completed

Bart has completed a number of transportation projects for the trucking industry, including an article concerning the electronic logging devices now mandated and the current shortage of truck drivers. Other topics included the logistics of the trucking industry and how freight practices affect the environment. He has also written product description in the transportation industry.

High Tech

3 Projects Completed

Bart has an especially keen interest in technology, particularly as it relates to humans and the ways we do things. The printing press was a technology that certainly changed the world. It brought the scientific community together by allowing faster, cheaper, and better communication, and it changed the very way people thought. The computer is bringing radical changes to our world now, as we become increasingly linked by the internet and the appliances and structures around us. And this is only the beginning!

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143 Projects Completed

Bart has written blog posts for a number of firms on topics such as healthcare, taxes, transportation and logistics, architecture, and internet security.


35 Projects Completed

Bart has written articles of interest in numerous areas.


9 Projects Completed

Bart has had experience with numerous content types, including Books, eBooks, Articles, Blog posts, and Webinar summaries.

Press Release

5 Projects Completed

Bart has written several press releases and other articles designed to enhance public perceptions.

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