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Zach has been a Content Director for one of the top Digital Marketing Agencies in the United States. He specializes in SEO-friendly copywriting that's proven to boost rankings and drive results. Zach has created, developed and edited content for over 90 different clients in industries ranging from plumbing and HVAC businesses to dentists and real estate agents.

Since 2013, Zach has held multiple positions in the content writing and editing space. Most of his experience lies in writing content that resonates with a target audience and helps businesses achieve their goals. Whether it's ideating, developing, or editing content, Zach has the knowledge and expertise to reach an audience effectively.

While in college, he developed a strong passion for content ideation and development. Zach received his Bachelor's degree from Northern Arizona University where he studied Communications and Advertising. This is where he developed a knack for writing and giving brands a voice through content. When not writing, Zach spends his time in the great outdoors and enjoys blogging about his experiences.
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Zach is available for a wide range of content needs, but specializes in the following:

- Blog articles
- Landing pages
- Infographics
- Video transcripts
- White papers
- Advertising copy
- Radio commercials
- SEO-friendly content
- Title Tags/Meta Descriptions
- Product Descriptions
- Creative Writing
- Social Media Posts
- Editing Content
- And More!


Zach has a strong passion for being outdoors and experiencing nature. You can usually find him embarking on a steep hiking trail or barreling down the slopes on his snowboard. He enjoys remote locations where he can fully grasp the beauty of this gorgeous planet. If Zach's not writing, snowboarding, hiking, or exploring a forest somewhere, you might find him enjoying a craft brew with some friends.

When Zach’s not trekking up a mountain he also enjoys spending time with his family, stargazing, petting dogs, taking pictures, drawing, and drinking a nice cup of joe.


Glendale Community College

Zach began his higher education at Glendale Community College where he studied Psychology. He took numerous courses on how the human brain works and how we behave. This gave him insight on how to reach a target audience effectively.

Northern Arizona University

Zach studied Communication and Advertising at Northern Arizona University. He received hands-on experience developing advertising campaigns, which is where he found his passion for creating writing. Zach also has a Minor in Visual Communication and gained expertise in graphic design. He took numerous advertising courses where he learned how to convey a message and create effective marketing material. Zach worked as a Content Writer for the TV station on campus and also held a position as the Analytics Manager. He was very involved in the School of Communication and was well-known for his creative abilities.

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869 Projects Completed

Zach has been the Content Director and SEO Account Manager for over 80 businesses in the HVAC space. He has extensive experience researching keywords, writing SEO-friendly content, organizing web pages, and creating title tags and meta descriptions. Zach has helped numerous businesses increase their website traffic and develop more leads.


227 Projects Completed

Zach has written content for multiple dental offices throughout the country. This SEO content has successfully increased their call volume and website visitors.


122 Projects Completed

Zach has experience writing for health and wellness businesses. He excels in researching keywords and creating user-friendly content that drives business growth.

Web Page

751 Projects Completed

Zach's most valuable asset is writing engaging, SEO-friendly web page content. While working as a Content Director, Zach has written for some of the most popular HVAC companies in the United States. He specializes in writing local SEO pages that are used to target individuals in geologically-specific areas. Zach has extensive experience managing high-traffic websites and boosting rankings on Google.

Blog Post

356 Projects Completed

Zach has extensive experience writing blogs for a number of different businesses. He's written blog posts for life coaches, HVAC companies, plumbing contractors, and more. In his free time, Zach enjoys blogging about hiking and sports.

Facebook Post

20 Projects Completed

Zach has experience posting Facebook updates for clients ranging from print shops to catering companies. He's learned how to successfully reach a target audience through strategic and engaging posts.

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