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A website needs to grab its readers' attention with compelling content, and that's what this writer delivers: accurate, engaging articles, blog entries, press releases and more. She adapts her work to suit each client's unique voice.

Her work is search-engine optimized and written to client specifications. She has been a freelance writer for more than seven years. Her work has appeared on Chron.com, Motley Fool, Legal Zoom and many other sites. She's also written for print publications, including trade journals, magazines and newsletters.

This writer is a lawyer with a technology background. The references she cites are credible and authoritative.


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With five years of successful Internet content writing experience, this writer/lawyer has written hundreds of law-related blogs and articles covering topics as diverse as animal law and international treaties. Keywords appear naturally in context, moving her work higher in SEO rankings. Your content takes on the voice of authority with this experienced professional as your writer.


This writer excels at bringing high finance down to the level of the everyday working individual. She walks readers through the mysteries of Investment strategies, retirement planning and budgeting in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way, and analyzes news events in the finance world. With five years of SEO expertise, her writing style helps your website move closer to the top of organic search results.


Whether clients are looking for content on job interviewing tips, salary information or career requirements, this writer creates relevant custom content in a variety of formats. She has hands-on managerial experience and knows where to find the most authoritative information. Delighted customers often comment that she exceeded their expectations. Add this writer to your Love List and take the quality of your blog or website up a notch.


This writer's experience with food-related content includes original recipes, celebrity chef profiles and articles that guide readers through the process of entering the world-famous Pillsbury Bake-Off. Her specialty is vegan and vegetarian food --the trending flavor of the month for hipster foodies. Whether a client needs an essay on local food or a recipe for a killer cocktail, this writer promptly and consistently delivers the client's order.


This detail-oriented writer enjoys writing on a variety of education-related topics. Her recent work includes a critique of the pass/fail grading system, a step-by-step process to help students write academic papers, an essay on what makes an effective teacher and a guide to using APA formatting. For more than five years, her blogs, articles and other content have appeared in print and on a variety of Internet websites. Watch keywords disappear in information-rich content that raises the bar for Internet writers.


This writer adeptly handles virtually any office-related business topic. With firsthand office and supervisory experience, she writes compelling, authoritative content on leadership, office politics, communication and presentation skills. Keywords appear naturally in context, attracting search engines and helping to drive content higher in search results.

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This writer has more than five years' experience writing SEO content for Internet sites. She expertly works keywords and phrases into clients' articles and polishes every piece to ensure accurate grammar, spelling and punctuation. The client specifies the source and the tone, and the finished produce is sure to exceed expectations.

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