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With a Bachelor of Science in Economics and years of experience as the business manager for a martial arts gym, Rebecca has solid business and research experience. This is complemented by her time as a financial advisor, martial arts instructor, and substitute teacher.

While earning her degree, she took special interest in the philosophy and effectiveness of public policy. She also did a summer semester abroad in France, allowing her to complete a double major in French. Also while at university, she worked as a Resident Assistant and sang in the chorale, earning credits towards her early graduation.

During her time as a business manager and instructor at a martial arts gym, she learned how to combine good business practices with solid fitness advice. She wrote all the publications for the gym including web pages, brochures, blog posts, newsletters, contracts, video captions, and training and marketing presentations.

As a substitute teacher, she works at many schools and has experienced many administration management styles, learned several forms of leadership in the classroom, and tried various education techniques. Accepting multiple long term assignments, she participates in creating and executing lesson plans.

Rebecca also enjoys learning about and taking on controversial subjects. She understands they are controversial because of their importance to society and is dedicated to researching the facts concerning both sides of such topics.

Rebecca’s hobbies include cooking, painting, gardening, and DIY projects
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Mount St. Mary's University

Rebecca double majored in Economics and French. She did a semester abroad in France, and carried the maximum class load allowed, allowing her to graduate early. She was a member of the French Honor Society and was an active member of Students In Free Enterprise throughout her college career.


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Rebecca has been passionate about fitness and health her whole life. She has practiced yoga, pilates, calisthenics, weight-lifting, swimming, running, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Her philosophy on fitness is the goal should be to feel healthier, stronger, and more energetic and happy. For three years, she was the sole writer for all publications, blog articles, newsletters, and web content for a small Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym.

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Rebecca maintained the blog and web presence for a martial arts gym for three years. She wrote a blog article weekly in addition to news and promotional announcements. The articles spanned in content from history of the martial arts, advice on improving, explanation of competition rules, and the benefits associated with practicing that art.

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Rebecca worked for three years as the sole author for a small martial arts business' publications. She worked to improve the language on the website constantly, to give the business the best opportunity to connect to the optimum customer. She used a who, what, and why formula to quickly explain to prospective customers why they should choose the services of that gym over its competitors.

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