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Ezekiel got his start as music journalist in early 2003, and wrote for several music and arts publications nationwide, many of which are now defunct. After writing for print music journalism publications for two years, many aspects of the tech industry began to pique his interest, but mainly the rise of social media and blogging. Ezekiel quickly began learning broad keyword optimization concepts, and started to work as a social media consultant for small businesses.

In addition to freelance journalism, content management and copywriting work, Ezekiel works as a consultant, teaching and training small businesses and NPO's in social media implementation throughout the Portland metro area.

Ezekiel is currently a contributor to a San Diego-based technology blog dedicated to covering breaking news in the tech industry.


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Ezekiel R's White Paper Product Experience

5 Projects Completed

Ezekiel worked on a few white papers for audio recording equipment manufacturers, cloud computing service providers and SEO software developers.

Industry Projects

  • Electronics100+
  • Hardware100+
  • Software100+
  • Music100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Ezekiel has written many detailed articles about electronics repair. This has generally included articles about audio and video-based electronic devices. But he as also written several tutorials, reviews and how-to articles for a variety of online and print publications. These articles have covered everything from GPS repair to audio rewiring to home theater installation. Ezekiel's expertise includes cell phone/smart phone repair, HDTV and LCD disassembly and repair, as well as current and upcoming trends in the electronics industry.


Ezekiel has a knack for explaining incredibly complex computer hardware concepts to the layman. This has positioned him as a valuable resource for computer hardware companies nationwide. Ezekiel has written several computer hardware repair tutorials, guest blog posts, in addition to many hardware reviews for private web clients.

Ezekiel has consistently demonstrated expertise in hardware security, maintenance, server management, network hardware security, installation and maintenance, as well as various hardware installation procedures ranging from Mac, PC and other proprietary enterprise-level computing devices.


Ezekiel understands that the software industry is complex, and that reaching out to customers and potential blog readers in a meaningful way is essential. This often means breaking down complex concepts into very simple terms for the average joe. Ezekiel has proved his expertise by producing quality topical content ranging from software development to trends in mobile application support to software training documentation. He also understands the value of clearly communicating these software concepts in technical terms to other professionals. This is why Ezekiel loves producing content for both B2C and B2B clients.


A long-time musician and music critic, Ezekiel has a passion for covering all kinds of musical topics. This generally includes music reviews, artist interviews and cultural analyses for print magazines, blogs and local Pacific Northwest newspapers. Additionally, Ezekiel has written bios, and web content for bands, record labels, music venues and independent musicians. That said, Ezekiel has a professional knowledge of the music industry. This includes everything from music technology trends like cloud-based music services and the emergence of music blogs that have largely replaced and supplemented print music journalism to the ins and outs of music promotion on a local and national level.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Article100+
  • Press Release50+
  • White Paper5

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Ezekiel has several private clients he produces ghost blog posts for, in addition to a few blogs for which He is a guest contributor. These ghost blogs range topically from cloud computing trends to must-see tourist spots to content marketing strategy for small business.


Ezekiel has written many articles on topics ranging from the local Seattle music scene to the effects of recent Wikileaks scandal on Cloud Computing.

Press Release

Ezekiel worked part-time for a music promotion company in Seattle where he was charged with writing press releases for record labels, bands and other music industry-related entrepreneurs.

White Paper

Ezekiel worked on a few white papers for audio recording equipment manufacturers, cloud computing service providers and SEO software developers.

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