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Hillary first became a Medical Assistant at the age of 19. At the time, she worked in a small family practice where it was just her and the doctor. This meant that she did everything from front office to back office. That was where she learned what empathy and compassion really was and how to keep calm under pressure. From there, she worked in various fields including urgent care, a local hospital medical/surgical unit, neurology, dermatology and orthopedics.

She began writing about three and a half years ago after getting married to her high school sweetheart. After an injury forced her into part-time work, she needed something to do to keep her sane - as she cannot go long without doing something.

Over time, she bounced from topic to topic before settling into medical writing this year. She submitted an article to a local newspaper and once it was published she found that she had a knack for it. She then began writing under a pseudonym and created her own website where she focuses on health and relationship issues.

Using her experience in the medical field and her grammatically-correct writing style, Hillary can and will write about anything that interests her.


Hillary's writing focuses on medical, health and relationship issues. Her articles range from mental health to chronic illnesses to how to maintain happy relationships. In October she began a series called "Patient Focus Friday" in an attempt to give a space for chronically ill patients to tell their stories.


Hillary is interested in all topics revolving around healthcare, medicine and relationships. She is able to write blog posts, articles and advertisements.


Concorde Career Institute

Concorde Career Institute is where Hillary began her career in the medical field. She underwent the nine month program and found herself running a small family practice straight out of graduation.


0 Projects Completed

Hillary has her own website where she writes about health topics under a pseudonym. Using her expertise in the medical field, she has written multiple articles about different health topics.


0 Projects Completed

Hillary writes about relationship issues on her website under her pseudonym. She uses her experience in the medical field, as well as her life experiences to discuss topics ranging from marriage to friendships.


0 Projects Completed

Hillary began writing about medical topics on her website after an article she wrote was published in a local paper, The Folio Weekly, under her pseudonym.

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