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Fast and Reliable. Copy-writing. Editing. Search Engine Optimization. Usability. Business Reports and Speeches. Special emphasis on CSR, business plans, and Innovation.

I'm not going to waste your time with flashy marketing pitches, empty promises, and over-inflated talents. There is enough of that in the world and you deserve better.

Hey, we've all got our own pitch and angle, right? My angle: Be honest, be reliable, communicate with the client, and get the job done.

So let's get down to business. You're here because you are looking for someone to do some work for you and I am here because I want to earn some money.

My best interests are your best interests. Seriously, I want to provide you with the highest quality work and I strive to add the highest value to my work. Why? So you'll write good reviews about me, come back for more business, and otherwise help me build my own brand name.
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Talents: SEO, Google Analytics, SER.

Key Areas: Finance, Law, Dentistry, Business, Economics, Current Events, B2B


CSR, Non-Profit, Sustainablity.


Michigan State University

Brian has completed a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Philosophy and a Bachelors of Science in International studies. Throughout the course of his studies he:

- Emphasized critical thinking skills and developing concrete arguments
- Conducted an in-depth review of the global political economy from a theoretical and social perspective
- Encouraged a multi-disciplinary examination of phenomena in the global landscape
- Focused on economic development and peace & justice studies
- Active in academic clubs and frequently attended campus lectures

American University

Brian received a scholarship worth approximately $40,000 to study Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs.Through his studies, Brian:

- Focused on the practical applications of sustainable economic development, CSR, and public policy
- Emphasized economic development via the private sector
- Studied micro-financing, free trade, import substitution, and other international development methods
- Conducted in-depth reviews of the history of development of Japan, S. Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore
- Wrote sections of a shadow report that was presented to the UN
- Received department award for High GPA
- Active in academic clubs and frequently attended on campus lectures


14 Projects Completed

Brian has worked directly in the finance industry, evaluating projects for government investment. He has also written extensively on various financial topics and specializes in breaking complex topics into layman terms.

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0 Projects Completed

Brian specializes in breaking down complex topics and identifying key takeaways. He has written white papers and industry reports on a wide range of topics. His reports have been presented to the United Nations, informed Prime Ministers, and have been used by C-level executives. Topics written on include health care, various agricultural sectors, human rights, economic development, and various technologies (i.e. emergence of smartphones.)

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