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Courtney is a writer who produces work of both non-fiction and fiction. She has been writing since the age of nine but began writing professionally in 2015 when she decided to become a freelance writer. Courtney gained valuable experience writing various articles, blog posts and stories for clients who required her to follow specific instructions and meet a deadline of either 24 or 48 hours. While taking a break from freelance writing to expand herself, Courtney branched off to become an entertainment news writer too. When she isn't busy doing that, Courtney spends time writing fiction stories, reading, and improving her craft.
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Courtney can put together an article with any word amount in any given time frame. She can provide blog post, articles, and stories about entertainment news, food, technology, criminal justice, skin care, travel, clothes and miscellaneous topics.


Most of Courtney's interest revolves around making herself a better person, such as reading, researching and studying, traveling, writing, exercising and well-being, beauty, movies, and music. She likes to find a way to connect with all her interests and passions in a way that allows her to take something positive from them which will help her grow.


Monroe College

Courtney briefly attended Monroe College to pursue her Associates in Criminal Justice. While she does plan to go back to College to finish her Associate's Degree, she plans to take on a major that will assist her writing career.


40 Projects Completed

Courtney has done freelance writing on several topics for several different clients. Although the topics would vary there was always a deadline and always a certain amount of words which were to be met and not surpassed. There were some articles which Courtney had no knowledge of the topics when she began working on them but after diligently doing her research was able to put together exactly what was asked of the client.


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Courtney has taken on various topics within the entertainment news industry, from TV shows to new album releases, and produced several blog post. She has also gained some experience while covering events such as live album releases and concerts to put together blog posts for an entertainment news site.

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Courtney has gained a lot of experience writing blog post. She has had to write posts which contact SEO keywords and she has been provided with specific instructions and a topic with a deadline. Writing blog post has become second nature to her, she currently contributes to an entertainments new site which often requires her to write several blog post per week.

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