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Emelie has been writing since she was in grade school. From fiction to nonfiction, she has always been working to improve her writing style for different fields. Emelie is graduating this December with her Bachelor's in Nutrition/Dietetics and plans to go into the public health field.

In the past, Emelie's writing samples have been used in junior and senior level courses as writing examples. Emelie has also helped classmates, friends, and peers with their writing and communication skills. She writes for her own blog about living a healthy lifestyle as someone with a mental disability ("neuroatypical"), being a health professional as a neuroatypical, and how someone with executive dysfunction can live a healthy life.
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Theatre, Nutrition, Wellness, Mental health, Executive Function/Dysfunction, and coffee.


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Emelie has written for her university's nutrition program in promotional materials, highlighting research that students read in the program. Having been trained in reading and assessing research, Emelie understands how to make evidence-based articles and only choose the best research articles. She writes articles on research regarding mental health, nutrition, and the way the two interact.

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Emelie writes engaging, friendly content that makes the reader feel included and in the know regarding more difficult to understand concepts. She works to include real-life examples and questions for the reader to challenge their line of thinking and work on concept comprehension so the reader can implement them in everyday life.

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