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Princella is a freelance writer that began her writing career eight years ago in Las Vegas, Nevada. She specializes in travel writing and topics related to technology and business operations.

When crafting content, she believes headlines with emotional marketing value, a lead paragraph that will hold the interest of readers, and a call to action are essential. Princella performs in-depth research for each assigned topic and relays the information in factual articles that are both informative and creative.

Along with her specializations, Princella's favorite topics are environmentalism, social justice and legal issues, interior design, art, and personal development.


Princella currently specializes in travel writing, technical writing, and SEO optimization.


Princella is an animal and nature lover. She is a proud pet parent of two wonderful dogs, and enjoys growing plants and gardening.


Southern University

Princella enrolled in this course to remain current on legal terminology; written communications, legal research, and ethics that are vital to the legal field.

Additional college coursework she has taken includes Writing About Literature, Composition and Rhetoric, Business/Professional Writing, Philosophy of Human Nature, Sociology, Law 1, and Critical Approaches.


124 Projects Completed

Travel experiences have given Princella an inclusive cultural perspective and unique voice in the world of travel. She has contributed travel content to well-established brands including Best Of lists and eco-friendly travel guides. She has also handled the social media accounts for a Caribbean travel company with a fan base of more than 60,000.


42 Projects Completed

Princella has written about personal development strategies for entrepreneurs, discussed the advantages of American businesses partnering with foreign enterprises by using statistical data, and has also written about the importance of office design to foster collaboration and enhance productivity. When writing about business, she avoids jargon and writes with clarity to create content that can be shared across various platforms without alienating diverse readers.


33 Projects Completed

Princella delivers technical content in a structured and engaging format. She has written about cloud technology, software-defined networking, coding and a variety of complex technical topics. What she enjoys most about technical writing and discussing technology is the challenge of delivering such intricate information in an educational and enjoyable way.


31 Projects Completed

Princella has written articles to educate the public on a wide range of issues. She also works on the back end of WordPress to post content for clients when needed. She adds keywords, sources images and adds alt text, and uses H tags to increase readability and optimize copy for search engines.

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