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Bridget has been highly active since 2020, drastically improved her content, and has been revising this page over time this month. She is currently working on her profile, as the content is outdated, from three years ago. You can check the completed orders for this year, and see how active she has been. Although, previously off and on, she is now a full time writer. She has been an enthusiastic content writer for about 5 years now, and enjoys the freedom it offers her. She has just returned, after a two year absence and is still updating her page. Keep this in mind, that she had written 58 articles for this company in January, and most of this content is two years old. She is working on updating this page, according to her skills now, compared to her skills in 2017. They have risen significantly. She is proficient in all types of niches and the topics are really not the most important part for her, although she has a passion for certain areas that spark her interest. She is a researcher at heart and learning new material is the most important aspect for her. She continuously seeks out new certifications and completed TESOL or Teaching English As a Second Language 120 hour course in December. She does possess an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice from Broome Community College as well as a Bachelors Degree from Colorado Technical University with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology. She recently completed training for Crisis Text Line or 741741 for short. It is a crisis intervention service that is utilized through texting. Proper grammar and spelling are required as each text is required to be professional. She also loves the hunt of researching new topics, searching indexes, and deep crawling of search engines to provide the best reference materials possible for her clients. She thrives to learn new things. She is available for new orders and at this time has written many orders for Writers Access and absolutely loves her job. She knows that she is lucky to have been accepted to the best content creation site on the internet and always comments her clients to make sure they are getting what they want.
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Bridget is very comfortable taking on the topics that other people may find it difficult to write. She specializes in cannabis articles,home improvement topics, gardening, any keyword related topic, psychology, animal care, criminal justice and truly is a jack of all trades. She is great at SEO keyword advertising articles and has a vast array of knowledge of numerous niches. Bridget considers herself a writer with no boundaries and loves a challenge. She is extremely happy every time she gets a new article, as it is new knowledge for her to learn. Bridget studies Search Engine Optimization every chance she gets and goes the extra mile for her clients.


She enjoys hula hooping, hiking ginseng hunting, camping, growing marigolds and creating new strands and most of all, writing blogs. She also has been learning how to design web pages and advertising campaigns. She loves to travel and has been to all of the 50 states as well as Europe and many islands. She is young for her level of experience, but is an old soul with a lot of heart and feels grateful for every article she is invited to write.


Broome Community College

Learn the basics of criminal investigations and Corrections and how to go about getting into the career of it.

Colorado Technical University

This is a more in-depth program that really explorers criminal investigations and what interrogations and prison are all about.


301 Projects Completed

Bridget excels at writing articles that would interest a majority of the population like questions to ask a lawyer. That is what this topic is explaining.

Search Marketing

300 Projects Completed

Bridget wrote a web page for a search engine optimization company explaining their services and skills. This is keyword directed marketing and also quality article writing.


223 Projects Completed

This writer also has business writing experience and has written a few hundred articles for the same company on various businesses and ways to succeed.

Home Living

212 Projects Completed

She has written hundreds of home living, style and home improvement articles.She loves to write about apartment staging and any home improvement type work.


154 Projects Completed

Bridget loves to write health articles and has a natural ability to do so. She loves to be able to keep the public informed on the latest news on health topics.


70 Projects Completed

This is about a catering company and ahe has written some articles on the food industry and enjoys it.


50 Projects Completed

Bridget wrote for a company that did tips for women on clothing and beauty lines. She has experience in all areas relating to women's issues. She will write your articles with dignity.


50 Projects Completed

Bridget worked at a beauty blog for a few months and gained valuable information on thr cosmetic industry. Her tips are well organised and unique.


35 Projects Completed

This shows my versatility as a writer explaining a particular musician. I have done many biographical articles on musicians and I also am an avid fan of the music industry and am a drummer as well.


25 Projects Completed

Bridget is an avid gamer who also tests games. She has written many articles on the subject manner and even invests in the gaming industry in the stock market.


20 Projects Completed

Banking has been a very covered topic for this experienced writer, teaching many how to open accounts in different countries with ease. She can comprehend laws of different countries easily without any issue. The different country laws were easy for her with her background in criminal Justice.


20 Projects Completed

Bridget has experience in Sports articles and loves learning about sports from different countries. She also watches many on her own free time. She is an avid surfer and also loves wake boarding. She wrote this article about it.


10 Projects Completed

Bridget has written a few articles on appliances and how to fix them as well as selling them to potential clients. She is quite talented at any topic and selling things any item is easy for her.


2 Projects Completed

Bridget is quite experienced in the field of addiction and addiction medicine. She has a wide array of knowledge of harm reduction medications, as well as holistic treatments. She is very familiar with urology, any psychiatric related condition and medications associated with both fields. She is a trained crisis counselor and trained in all areas of crisis and suicide prevention.


200 Projects Completed

This is a sample of an advertisement for a marketing agency. They market businesses of all sizes and types. The posts are more ad related. There is keywords like "bra+++nding in Los Angeles." They use a less is more type of approach. Keywords will be noted.

Blog Post

153 Projects Completed

Bridget has written many blog articles on various subjects. She specifically work for a company where she had to find the photographs for the articles copyright free and Pitch the articles for the client and have them approved. It was a great experience having to pick your own topic and having your name attached to it.

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