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As an independent researcher and free thinker, Jennifer has produced over 350 unique, top-quality articles packed with sourced statistics, expert opinions, research studies, quotes, and more for her clients. Direct clients have requested consistent content regarding technological advances, newsworthy geopolitical happenings, recent scientific developments, historical narratives, promotional business information, and criminal justice topics throughout her career.

Jennifer has provided quality service to various direct clients who have requested website content, research articles, blog posts, biographies, news stories, SEO posts, social media posts, and more. Her dedication and passion for research and writing on a wide range of subjects helps her create content that continues to exceed client's expectations.


Articles, Research, Blog Posts


Politics, Geopolitics, News, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Technology, Education, Health, Business, Conspiracy, Social Trends, Social Media


Florida State University

While studying at FSU, Jennifer was exposed to some of the nation's most well-renown criminologists. She was educated on leading sociological and biological theories pertaining to criminal and anti-social behaviors. With a double minor in business and law & society, she created a strong foundation of knowledge about our nation's legal, justice, economic and political systems.


300 Projects Completed

Recent technological advances and their potential societal impacts are a huge subject of interest for Jennifer. Areas such as genetics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, facial recognition, the Internet of Things, and social media are all areas that Jennifer has deeply researched. By combining her vast knowledge of ancient cultures and the progression of humanity with new scientific insights, she produces her unique perspective into each new technology content piece that she creates.


150 Projects Completed

Jennifer’s life-long interest in American politics, newsworthy geopolitical events, global initiatives, and worldwide societal issues makes her uniquely qualified to create inspiring and captivating hit pieces about political events. Her fascination with studying current events helps her personalize each article or blog post with her own dedicated research and in-depth understanding of various issues.


100 Projects Completed

Jennifer is a dedicated truth-seeker who sees the world differently than most. Her persistent life-long conviction and drive to discern the truth in all matters has often resulted in rejection, persecution, and even hatred from those who do not love the truth (John 15: 18-27 KJV). She is a firm believer in spiritual warfare, and has a strong grasp on the narcissistic matrix that we all find ourselves living in today. Her great discernment on these issues drives her passion for researching topics like technology, politics, education, the media, the music industry, global events, and psychology. She’s uniquely qualified to discuss alternative topics like ancient astronaut theory, mystery schools and mystery religions, secret societies, spiritual warfare, fallen angels, the new world order, narcissistic abuse, and various other truther community topics.


375 Projects Completed

Whether you are searching for an article about trending news or requesting content for SEO purposes, Jennifer’s engaging content will capture the interest of your readers. With over 350 successful transactions with direct clients, Jennifer knows how to meet and exceed her client’s needs. If you are looking to create invaluable content to draw readers to your website, then look no further.

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