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Kit works as a freelance writer specializing in content for websites and blogs. She uses her diverse background and researching skills to provide accurate, interesting and informative content for readers. With over six years experience in freelance writing, Kit has pieces published on numerous topics, including landscaping, education, health, beauty and green living. Her work can be found on sites like Care.com, Garden Guides and Murphy Oil Soap.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Kit writes education articles for websites like Care.com, covering topics including homeschooling, Montessori Method, curriculum choices and education laws.


Kit writes on numerous health topics, but primarily focuses on alternative treatments and conditions. She completed an apprenticeship in Herbal Medicine and worked in home care for housebound elderly.


Kit has experience writing about pets, particularly parrots and cats. She has had numerous pets, ranging from the cats and dogs, to the more exotic ducks, parrots and sugar gliders.


Kit A. has many years experience in the landscaping field has maintained herb, flower and vegetable gardens. She uses what she has learned to write pieces on the many aspects of landscaping and gardening, often giving insider tips.

Green Living

Kit writes topics supporting and guiding people in Green Living. She covers green cleaning, organic gardening, native plant landscaping and reclaimed wood projects. She also writes about the three R's--Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Kit has over six years experience writing articles for web content and newsletters. She uses her experience and researching skills to create informative, interesting and accurate content.

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