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Melissa has been working in the medical field for the past 23 years as an ophthalmic technician and is currently certified by JCAHPO as a certified ophthalmic assistant (COA) as well as an ophthalmic scribe (OSC). She has also earned several continuing education certificates for classes including virology, human physiology and medical neuroscience at Duke University.

Melissa currently works at a large ophthalmic clinic where she focuses her time on treating patients. In her spare time, she writes patient education articles on ocular anatomy and pathology as well as systemic disease and overall health.

Melissa has also created and currently maintains four blogs on topics including fitness and weight loss, veganism, and homeschooling.

In her spare time, Melissa enjoys photographing dragonflies (an obsession of hers), crocheting, bullet journaling, reading, gaming and spending time with her family.
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Medical and scientific writing


Melissa is fascinated by medicine and all things related to health and veterinary medicine. She also has a number of hobbies including bullet journaling, reading (preferably nonfiction, or dystopian sci-fi), video gaming, cooking, and NASCAR (a guilty pleasure)


Stetson University

I started at Stetson in 1996 right after high school, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to leave and was unable to finish my degree.


239 Projects Completed

Melissa has been writing patient information articles for the past five years. She has written for herself on a popular website where she earns ad revenue as well as for major ophthalmic clinics in Texas and California. Melissa enjoys breaking down the intricate details of medical conditions in a way that patients can understand so that they speak to their doctor intelligently about their condition.


4 Projects Completed

Melissa has written several articles on pharmacology (ie: Buspar, an anti-anxiety medication) and virology as well as vitamins and supplements such as vitamin D.


1,102 Projects Completed

Melissa writes a variety of articles on everything from the science of renewable energy to the various types of windows and which windows work best with various home architecture to living in an apartment. She currently writes for several content production platforms and enjoys stretching her writing skills with material outside her comfort zone.

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Melissa has recently been hired to write several white papers on renewable energy, how natural disasters may affect the nation's power grid and how microgrids can improve the resiliency of grids located in states prone to natural disasters.

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