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Pamella N has written professionally for over two decades for a variety of audiences. Her writing experience includes direct mail, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, website content, sales copy, email autoresponders, books, blogs, short stories and even poetry. She had fifteen poems published before she graduated high school, and won a 3rd place award for a feature story from the New York Press Association before she graduated college. In addition to her awards, Pam has BA from Sarah Lawrence and a Masters of Science from New York University for Direct and Interactive Marketing.

To be honest, Pam thinks that's all well and good. But what matters to her is how well she understands what you want to say to your readers and how well she can convey that message so it is understood. She is a results-oriented writer. Part of that means that she is always encouraging clients to test her writing - she will give you a couple of headlines, just for testing purposes. And she may ask a lot of questions about who your audience is and what makes them tick.


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Pamella N's Business Industry Experience

8 Projects Completed

Pam's business experience spans two decades. The sample below is the first few paragraphs of an article she wrote for one of her own websites.

Industry Projects

  • Marketing50+
  • Education20+
  • Garden10+
  • Legal10+
  • Non Profit10+
  • Business8
  • Home Living3

Summary of Industry Experience


Pam was a Marketing Manager at the book catalog A Common Reader for three years she moved to the ad agency Insight Out of Chaos as a copywriter and project manager. After that she moved to Santa Fe and started her own small marketing agency. She has helped dozens of different businesses find new clients/customers.

The work sample below is from an email she wrote for a local hardware store in a rural area. The style is casual to better engage the reader.


Pam has written several online courses and a couple of course description catalogs. She has also written web content and marketing materials for local and online schools and training courses.

The writing sample below are two sample introductory paragraphs for the home page of a business school's website.


Pam is a certified master gardener who let her volunteer hours lapse. She also studied landscape design and gardening at the Bronx Botanical Garden for two years.

Pam has written dozens of gardening articles. She also managed and wrote some of the email newsletter for the Santa Fe Botanical Garden from 2005-2006.

The sample below is the first few paragraphs of web content she wrote for a client.


Pam has done a variety of work for a law firm. The writing sample below is for some web content she wrote for them.

Non Profit

Pam worked for the Santa Fe Botanical Garden for several years as their marketing consultant. Here are the first two paragraphs of a press release she wrote for the organization.


Pam's business experience spans two decades. The sample below is the first few paragraphs of an article she wrote for one of her own websites.

Home Living

Pam has a keen interest in clutter control and organization. She has written several articles of web content for different clients. Here are the first few paragraphs of a sample article written for one of her own websites.

Product Projects

  • Article50+
  • Blog Post50+
  • Web Page50+

Summary of Product Experience


Pam has written hundreds of articles on a variety of topics. Most of her articles have been for website content, but some have appeared in regional and trade magazines.

The sample below appeared on EzineArticles.com

Blog Post

Pam has written for a variety of different blogs. She has recently delivered work for an law firm's blog, a crowdfunding blog, a drawing blog and an internet marketing blog. She is extremely well-versed in WordPress setup and customization and uses dozens of WordPress plugins to maximize the results of her work.

Web Page

Pam has written for a variety of websites, including a law firm's site, a crafts business, technology sites, real estate brokers' websites, website designers websites and more.

The sample below was written for a website about how to draw.

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