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Donnell has worked in storytelling since he was a teen editor of at college newspaper. Whether the content he creates is a short documentary film or a series of tweets, there's always an under-girding of reporter's perspective.

He presently works as the Twitter voice for a major California sport and entertainment venue. Formulating that voice has been a revelatory process. On weekdays this storyteller produces films for outlets such as Oregon Humanities and published longform journalism for The Nation and Rolling Stone, among other media outlets.

Among his better-known works are the memoir Ghetto Celebrity and the animated short Dock Ellis & the LSD No-No, to which he contributed its audio narrative. (With Neille Ile.)

Last winter, he contributed to an actual physical 'zine — one with with a print run of about 150. Alexander's stories show up in unexpected places.

Finally: Though he has, via agencies and independently, run a dozen social media accounts and executed other forms of content marketing, Alexander's grasp of the industry vernacular is pretty substandard. Marketing and advertising work has been an avocation, honestly, and a lot of his successes has come by instinct. Alexander has , blogged daily for decent pay, edited a monthly magazine, and worked with content management systems, but in all honesty, the guy could use a mentor with a strong sense of his ceiling.
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Social media, copywriting, journalism, film, radio.


Culture, sports, fitness.


Sacramento City College

Edited the City College weekly newspaper, set school record for scholarship money earned.


40 Projects Completed

Most notably, Alexander was an original staff writer at ESPN the Magazine. He's earned Honorable Mention in Best American Sportswriting. Alexander's work on the short film Dock Ellis & the LSD No-No has been celebrated by the Sundance Film Festival and twice nominated for a Webby Award. He presently runs the Twitter account of the Los Angeles Coliseum during USC Trojans and Los Angeles Rams home football games.


2 Projects Completed

This storyteller's experiences as a popular culture critic (TIME, LA Weekly) aside, his work with the entertainment industry is limited. Alexander has only worked two non-journalistic projects. The most recent was a 2014 effort to revive the 'tween sci-fi series Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. In 2011, he oversaw production of the Los Angeles Film Festival brochure.

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20 Projects Completed

He's crafted Twitter posts for about one dozen projects, most recently. Among the recent best is an image of the Los Angeles Coliseum and downtown LA skyline — posted late in a rivalry college football game — that received more than one thousand likes.

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3 Projects Completed

In 2014, Donnell Alexander administrated a the Facebook page for a 1980s 'tween sci-fi television series called Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. Though largely forgotten stateside, Captain Power had powerful followings in some South American and South Asian markets, and American markets. Alexander identified these fans and brought them together through conversation facilitation, contest administration, and coordinating the private online viewing of a rarely-seen Captain Power film. The page's Facebook folowing doubled in one month. It remains the most successful social media project he's yet undertaken.


2 Projects Completed

Many years ago Donnell created his first brochure, for the summer education Program at California State University, Fresno. This first brush with copywriting went swimmingly and was regarded as an all-around success. More recently, in 2011, he oversaw production of the Los Angeles Film Festival program. Both experiences played out as less demanding takes on his magazine and newspaper editing work. In making the brochure, Donnell assigned and edited written film previews and the accompanying art. He also interfaced with stakeholders and oversaw production.

A CMS was at Donnell’s disposal for the film festival assignment.

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