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Raymond H
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Raymond has worked in numerous capacities in many different campaigns from support to lead and director of creative development on various projects. He has worked with a wide variety of funded companies, from small scale all the way up to full-scale advertising and strategic services. In his time in this field, he has developed what he calls his own “secret sauce” recipe for social media that he believes makes a real difference in who sees the posts and how hard that post is driven by the constraints of the particular social media outlet. You only need to look at the statistics to see his success with these tactics. He always had a passion for writing, for communicating with the small business owner and loves making an awesome representation of the company.


Raymond specializes in content writing, copy writing, SEO optimization, social media marketing, website builds, website development, website optimization, pay per click ads, Google analytics, keyword research, social media account management, project management, and branding.


Raymond likes traveling all over the world and trying out different hotels, traditions, and cultures. He then puts the experiences in writing and shares the post on his blog.


741 Projects Completed

Raymond is into working on and reading about every type of automobile. As a result, he has developed a passion for the auto niche. He can effortlessly explain how every component of a car works. Raymond likes to write about mechanics and automotive theory. He expertly offers details on how to handle automotive tasks. In the end, readers are able to understand work orders better.


740 Projects Completed

Raymond is a proficient writer who has published hundreds of feature health articles in newspapers, magazines, regional and national publications, and on the web. Over the years, Raymond has been exposed non-stop to the latest in healthcare strategies and analytics. A great attribute about him is the fact that he boasts the ability to incorporate all these developments to his writing.

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