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Jeff began his professional writing journey in 1994 when he received a 3-book contract for his fiction--based on only the first six chapters of his novel. He went on to be hired as an editor by that publishing house, and that began his dual career as pro writer and editor.

Over the years, Jeff has written more than 20 books, fiction and nonfiction, mostly under his own name but also as co-writer and sometimes as ghostwriter.

In 2008, Jeff launched Marcher Lord Press, a small publishing house dedicated to publishing science fiction and fantasy novels with a spiritual edge. After a successful 5-year run, Jeff sold the company to a colleague, and the company lives on as Enclave Publishing.

Jeff is a five-time author for Writer's Digest Books, the leader in instructional books for writers. His WD books "Plot Versus Character" and "The First 50 Pages" have been translated into Mandarin, which led to Jeff traveling to Beijing in 2015 to teach 100 Chinese college professors how to write better fiction.

When he's on this side of the Pacific, Jeff is an in-demand teacher at writers' conferences all over America. He teaches primarily on how to write engaging fiction, most recently drawing largely from his self-published craft book "Hack Your Reader's Brain."

His film school degree helps him write screenplays as well, and two of his scripts have been produced into films.

Jeff is an expert writer in fiction and nonfiction, in long form and short form, and for consumption as text or moving images on the screen.


Fiction: novels, short stories, and screenplays
Nonfiction: books, articles, instructional material
Marketing: copywriting


Science fiction and fantasy (and all speculative genres)
All kinds of fiction (except erotica)
Adult and YA fiction
Nonfiction of all kinds: History, parenting, leadership, entertainment/movies/gaming, biography, philosophy/theology, self-improvement, science/technology, sports, business/finance, Christian living


Trinity University

In high school, Jeff had excelled in the performing arts, so he entered college to study theatre. It became clear that, while he was a very good actor, so was everyone else he was competing against. Plus, Trinity was an extremely expensive private school. After two years, Jeff decided to transfer to a state school and pursue a different but related course of study.

University of Texas at Austin

Jeff transferred to UT Austin and entered the film school. There, he channeled his love of theatrical storytelling into writing and producing and editing films.

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Jeff combined his love of storytelling with a love of biblical learning. With his seminary education under his belt, he turned to writing Christian-themed fiction, which led to his first publishing contracts, which led to his career as a professional writer, editor, and publisher.


20 Projects Completed

The "other" here refers to all kinds of fiction and screenplay writing. Jeff is an acknowledged world expert on how to write great fiction, and he has proved it in his many novels, novellas, short stories, flash fiction pieces, and screenplays.


5 Projects Completed

Jeff's teaching on how to write great fiction has been published in five books for Writer's Digest Books, the industry leader in how to write.


1 Projects Completed

If Jeff can personally understand something, he can successfully teach it to someone else. His nonfiction is marked by an astounding clarity, whether he's speaking about neurochemistry or how to paint a tree. His own love of science and technology, especially space exploration, causes him to devour articles and books on the subject. He is an ideal writer for explaining complex science to the layman.


50 Projects Completed

Jeff is a multi-published author of book-length manuscripts, both fiction and nonfiction. He has written most of them alone, but he has also co-written and ghostwritten several as well, both fiction and nonfiction.


30 Projects Completed

Jeff has written catalogue, advertisement, and back cover copy for decades. He can make pretty much anything seem like something you'd better buy.


20 Projects Completed

Before Jeff made a career writing books, he wrote scores of articles for magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc. He continues to do this kind of writing today.

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