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Ryn is a writer, artist and performer whose journalism career began in 1991. Credits include several illustrated books; hundreds of news and feature articles for various publications; and numerous awards, including best feature column in Arizona and best humor column in New Mexico two years running.
She holds a Master of Arts in English literature and folklore and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in creative writing with a French minor from Brooklyn College.
Her forte is creative non-fiction, and she excels in the content marketing arena.
Ryn's philosophy is simple: If you're not having fun, there's something wrong with what you're doing. She enjoys her work and it shows.
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Crisp, keen and snappy copy is what Ryn consistently delivers, with a splash of humor if the mood is right. Blog entries, website content and all types of articles are consistently on her agenda, with additional work including product descriptions, white papers, e-books, press releases and promotional emails.
Thanks to her in-depth research skills, topics can include just about anything. She has a creative way of translating high-tech and complex topics into articles that are easy to understand and fun to read.
Top subjects include content marketing strategies and techniques, animals, health and fitness, crime and anything offbeat or strange.


When Ryn's not writing, she's usually busy creating art or playing with her dogs. Kooky, colorful yard art and illustrations make up the bulk of her artistic calling. She's had pets that range from dogs to rats with goats in between. Fitness and gardening are also on her to-do list, including yoga, walking, weight lifting and going nuts with plants and art to transform her subtropical yard into a kind of creepy yet creative wonderland.


Brooklyn College - City University of New York

Major GPA: 4.0; overall GPA: 3.9. Degree awarded: Jan. 1996 Summa Cum Laude, dean's honor list; scholarship from dept. of English; merit certificate for excellence in Latin; Donald G. Whiteside Poetry Award; French minor.

Brooklyn College - City University of New York

GPA: 3.7. Degree awarded: Feb. 2000; thesis on occupational folklore of NYC subway workers; major in folklore, French proficiency requirement met for degree.


1,028 Projects Completed

As a stand-up comic, radio show host and producer and weekly columnist, humor has always been a mainstay of Ryn's writing. Her style has been specifically sought out by a wide variety of clients who desire a fresh and fun approach to numerous topics. Her personal blog, column and editorials typically contain prime examples of her humor. While covering the early-morning crime beat, Ryn even made the morning traffic report pretty funny - provided, of course, there were no fatal car wrecks that day. Humor does have its place, after all.


970 Projects Completed

Health has been a top topic for Ryn ever since she spied a bumper sticker that stuck in her mind: "Health: Ignore it and it will go away." She has since penned numerous health-related articles for Livestrong.com, several doctor and dentist websites, and as a ghostwriter for an e-book series focusing on health for baby boomer women.


574 Projects Completed

Pets, animals and associated wildlife are one of Ryn’s passions. Her own pet family has included goats, dogs, loads of pet rats and a lizard that reminds her daily why she’s not such a big fan of reptiles. In addition to a regular pet blog for Gannett, Ryn covered the animal beat during nearly all of her newspaper staff jobs and has written online content for a number of veterinarians. Article topics have included general pet care, specific pet health issues, pet wellness, unique pets and their owners. She has also touched on wildlife topics that include javelina, bald eagles and rattlesnakes.


490 Projects Completed

Backbends keep you young, and writing about ways people can keep themselves vibrant and strong is one of Ryn's passions. An avid walker, weight-lifter and yoga buff, Ryn has written numerous articles on exercise and fitness for Livestrong.com and other clients. She has also written a number of fitness articles that cover the latest fitness trends and how they may either help or sometimes hurt your overall health. She often incorporates her love of animals into the fitness mix, such as her article explaining how to do yoga when two big dogs insist on joining you on the yoga mat.


388 Projects Completed

Ryn created and wrote a relationship blog for nearly two years on staff of Gannett, wrote the personal of the week profile on staff of a New York City newspaper and has been through a wide range of usually disastrous relationships herself. All this makes for very good fodder. Additional relationship articles include those that go beyond the boyfriend-girlfriend dynamic to touch upon families, friends and even rowdy neighbors you have to pretend to like so life is not one big living hell.


334 Projects Completed

When a web page needs to sizzle or an email needs to dazzle, Ryn's marketing writing can add the oomph it needs to entertain, promote and, most importantly, ensure folks even read it in the first place.

One of the strong points of her marketing writing is her unique take on things, as she's well-versed in discovering new angles for the same old formulas as well as humorous and fresh perspectives. Another strong point is her way with words.

With a BFA in creative writing and MA in English literature, Ryn has nabbed several awards for feature writing and poetry and thinks of the page as a playground of smooth sounds and sweet copy that sells.

Home Living

289 Projects Completed

As an artist who painted a leopard print ceiling in her home, Ryn has engaged in and written about a number of creative home projects. Other home living articles include creative ways to clean your home in a jiffy, how to find affordable home decor and how to transform a ho-hum house into a home that showcases your personality and style.


215 Projects Completed

Camping, biking, hiking, swimming - if it's an outdoor recreational activity that involves fresh air and clean fun, Ryn's been on it. She especially has a flair for the more unusual topics, such as a feature story on the Segway transportation unit that takes you around town on a standing scooter, but she also excels at instructional articles concerning outdoor activities.


161 Projects Completed

Ryn first became interested in fashion when she learned she could make a miniskirt out of an old T-shirt. Although her mother did not always appreciate Ryn's unique sense of style, it has never served her wrong when writing about the latest trends, clothing history or cultural origins of clothing for a variety of clients.


143 Projects Completed

With a background teaching art, TV production and chemistry to kids, Ryn can hone in on what kids like to do and how to go about helping them enjoy it. Clients have requested topics that cover fun ways to amuse your grandchildren and a number of health topics for children.

High Tech

142 Projects Completed

With regular assignments for a leading network security firm and other technology-oriented companies, Ryn has embraced high-tech topics. What sets her assignments apart is the ability to use non-technical terms and conversational language that even the most non-technical reader can understand and absorb.

She can also stick to the high-tech jargon if clients prefer, as evidenced by assignments for a wireless communications firm and a graduate student requiring assistance with her technical thesis.


105 Projects Completed

Nutrition, fitness and health have all been covered by the hundreds of articles Ryn wrote for Livestrong.com. She has also written nutrition-related articles for other clients on topics that cover recommended nutrition for bone health, healthy foods and eating plans and a number of diet programs that work or don't and why.


103 Projects Completed

Ryn revved into the auto industry with a number of articles on car insurance, automotive reviews and top 10 lists. Specific titles include Best Trucks for Women, Top 10 Cars of All Time, and insurance company information.

She even entered the celebrity car arena with What kind of car does Justin Bieber drive? He has been spotted in three vehicles, by the way: a Ferrari F430, a Lamborghini and a Range Rover.


82 Projects Completed

As an artist as well as a writer, crafting craft articles comes naturally for Ryn. She has written instructional and informational assignments on an array of her own art and craft creations as well as others for freelance clients and as part of her lifestyle beats on newspaper staffs. One that sticks out is a profile on a kelp art class offered by an eccentric Oregon kelp artist.


82 Projects Completed

Being female definitely gives Ryn an advantage when writing about women's topics, and she has written numerous articles in the genre. Topics that slide over into the relationship category include surviving a stalker and abusive relationships. Others include women's health issues and trials and tribulations of daily life, including dealing with the office flirt without blowing your stack and getting fired.


55 Projects Completed

Career-related articles include dealing with the office flirt, how to break into the radio broadcast business and tips on dressing professionally for the job. Ryn has also penned job descriptions and web content for companies focused on hiring and career advancement.


52 Projects Completed

Ryn has built a stable of articles in the construction industry, especially those concerning health and safety issues. The health and safety arena is one with which Ryn is intimate, thanks to her many years covering the crime and public safety beat on staff of a newspaper.
Another plus is her ability to translate the often long-winded and headache-inducing OSHA regulations into something that is short, sweet and to the point. Such regulations also make for great fodder for small talk after chatting about the weather has been exhausted.


51 Projects Completed

If Ryn weren't a writer and artist, she'd look into becoming a professional shopper (if only such a thing existed). Her shopping-related writing includes product descriptions for retailers that sell everything from recycled golf balls to bobble head dolls. She's also penned promotional content for shopping malls, prom dress and fashion websites. As an artist with two online stores, she also writes all her own content describing and promoting her own art.


43 Projects Completed

Meditation, yoga and singing-bowl cleansing are part of Ryn's regular routine, and she enjoys exploring other methods of enhancing spirituality while we're stuck here on Earth. She has written a number of freelance articles concerning the spiritual aspects of yoga and other practices as well as ways to free the soul from the confines of the rattled mind in ways that are both fulfilling and perfectly legal.


33 Projects Completed

It's tough not to write about hobbies when there are so many from which to choose. Variety is the spice of life as well as writing for Ryn, and her hobby articles have touched on cards, games, collecting and other past times that feed people's passions. She has gleaned insider information on her own hobbies which have included breeding rats and creating art and crafts from debris.


19 Projects Completed

Even weeding can be fun when the instructions come from Ryn's unique way of transforming even the most mundane topics into a fun and informative read. Not that gardening is not enjoyable in its own right, and Ryn has discovered that through various articles and topics covered in her award-winning weekly column and work-for-hire jobs.

Green Living

8 Projects Completed

Who knew you could make insulation out of old blue jeans? Anyone who read some of Ryn's green living articles learned this and other tips on ways to help save the environment. She covered eco-friendly topics for clients and as part of her lifestyle beats on staff of various newspapers.

Blog Post

1,620 Projects Completed

Ryn and blogs are a great mix, with short, witty, fun and informative posts that have covered a wide range of topics. She continues to write her own personal blog and regularly contributed to a two local Tucson newspaper's blog. Her online staff job with Gannett was full-time blogger creating and continuously updating four blogs daily. Topics have included general interest, weird news, pets, health, relationships and a blog that kept track of and paid tribute to those who died unnatural deaths in Tucson.

Web Page

1,499 Projects Completed

Thanks to a spate of loyal clients that bring Ryn a number of assignments, Ryn has written web pages for dozens of retailers, social media companies, veterinarians, chiropractors and other businesses seeking quality content.

Her web page writing has included content for every nook and cranny of the site, from the bold and brazen home page to the tucked-away "Contact Us" paragraph.


1,430 Projects Completed

Ryn has written more than 1,000 print and online articles on a freelance basis as well as on staff of newspapers in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon and New York City. While feature articles are her favorite, she has also penned hard news, informational how-to articles, enterprise news stories, and extended research projects. An excerpt from her thesis on the occupational folklore of New York City subway workers was published in Voices: The Journal of New York Folklore and she has a lengthy list of other article credits.

Press Release

156 Projects Completed

Press release writing was one of Ryn's main duties as director of public affairs for New York State senator. She excelled in the position due to her newspaper background, which ensured she knew what editors tend to look for when they choose to run with a particular release. Such valuable insight working on both sides of the fence has helped Ryn craft press releases that are informative, compelling and far from the usual ho-hum release.


124 Projects Completed

As a certified producer with a Brooklyn cable station, Ryn learned the ropes of shooting and editing video, which led to the production of a regular TV show. Her scripts have included promotional spots as well as news and feature stories. She produced all her own videos while on Gannett's staff, from script to final product with shooting, conducting interviews and editing in between.

Email Copy

85 Projects Completed

To stand out from the steady stream of spam and sludge that accosts people's email inbox, Ryn shoots for a quick, catchy message that catches their eye. Her emails keep company's overall objective in mind while frequently using a slightly quirky or humorous twist to grab and retain people's attention.

Make someone laugh, and you'll make them remember you. Make them remember you, and you'll become the go-to company the next time they need something in your arena. They might even put your email in their "save" file.


59 Projects Completed

Ryn's published books include two illustrated humor books, "Rats Incredible" and "Bony Yoga," for which she wrote the text and provided all the accompanying artwork.

She has been hired to provide artwork and writing for a number of collaborative book projects, including e-books on health and recovery from addiction. Her self-published books include essay and poetry collections, a series of children's books and a modern day fable about the boy who kept moldy cheese pizza under his bed. Her first e-book launched in March 2012 featured the moldy cheese pizza boy story.

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