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Lorri has always been one to love telling a story. Her background in local news gave her the opportunity write stories that were engaging, informative, and helpful to the people in her community. Those same principals are what brought her to the field of content writing. She finds the research, the writing, and the polishing of the final submission equally rewarding. Lorri now strives to create articles that are engaging, informative, and helpful to the people of her online community.

Never dull and always dependable, Lorri has also worked as a photographer, commissioned sales representative, and filled in temporarily at a local radio station.

Lorri believes that all of her life experiences have worked to complement each other. Everything seems to be right on track.


Lorri has an extensive background in sales. She most recently sold large appliances but has not found a request for the topic.


Lorri is particularly interested in building a career working from home. She also loves to read and spend time with her family relaxing in a casino or two.


University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

After staying home to raise her family for more than ten years, Lorri returned to school.

While at the university, Lorri devoted much of her time to the student television station. S-tv is where she discovered her love of video editing and storytelling.

Lorri often said that her time in school was like walking down a corridor with all of the doors of possibility wide open. That philosophy sparked her imagination. She made time to direct a play, take acting courses, and anchor a live morning broadcast.

While pursuing her many interests, Lorri still managed to maintain her grades, teach Sunday school, and spend time with her husband and three children.


5 Projects Completed

Lorri started writing about health-related topics when she was a medical reporter for her university's student television organization. She would research topics, write scripts, record them in the studio, and then add video. It was a lot of work, but she enjoyed the research, the writing, and the opportunity to pass along helpful information.

Today, Lorri still enjoys writing about health and related professions.


1 Projects Completed

Lorri has written articles for doctors, business owners, and bloggers. She still feels that every project she is working on is the most important article she will write. Lorri knows she could write faster, but never wants to put quantity before quality.

Lorri knows that people should never stop learning and growing. She promises to always be critical of her own work.

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