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Terrina’s 15 years of development and technical writing experience in the health insurance industry gives her an insider’s perspective on the documentation needs of business leaders and technology professionals. Clients come away impressed by her ability to deliver well-written, precise content for their desired audience. Her blogs and articles focus on showcasing the distinct services clients offer to their market space.

She possesses in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and strategies for social media promotion. Terrina understands the intricacies of SEO, how search engines judge and rank content, and the importance of eliminating filler and clutter from her material.

The topics Terrina specializes in include programming, cloud computing, DevOps, and web development. She is currently open to remote, freelance projects from technology companies in need of her unique perspective and insights.
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Terrina’s varied career includes working in customer service and extensive involvement in the medical insurance industry. That makes her suited to covering the following topics:

• Medical and Dental Topics
• Medical Insurance
• Pharmaceuticals
• New Medical Breakthroughs
• Customer Service
• Customer Experience (CX)

Her current work as an IT developer exposes her to the latest in technology advancements and how businesses can use them to their advantage.

• Cloud Computing
• Security
• DevOps
• JavaScript Frameworks (Angular, React, Vue, etc.)
• Dot Net Technology
• General Technology Topics
• AI and Machine Learning
• Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
• CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.)
• UX Design

She invests time and effort in learning about and utilizing the best practices for digital marketing and social media promotion. That pays off in her ability to provide content related to the following areas:

• Digital Marketing
• Affiliate Marketing
• Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
• Google Analytics
• G Suite
• Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)

Terrina’s analytical thinking and ability to understand complex industries also allows her to provide content relating to a variety of industries and areas of interest, including:

• Consumer Interest Topics (Understanding Taxes, classify your new business, etc.)
• Corporate Video Scripts
• Warehouse Manufacturing
• Food Equipment Construction
• Health and Fitness
• Personal Care
• Cars
• Home Improvement


Terrina enjoys going deep into topics and providing clarity on complex topics. She keeps current on subjects like technology, programming, healthcare, politics, and social issues. She also loves covering movies, TV, and entertainment.


1,101 Projects Completed

Terrina's worked in the field of technology for over 12 years, coding projects across various platforms. She's well-versed in C#, Javascript, web design, cloud technology, and system architecture.


517 Projects Completed

Terrina has 25 years of experience working in various positions in the health insurance industry. She understands the needs of both health insurers and those they serve, making her more than qualified to deliver various forms of content for health insurance providers.

High Tech

511 Projects Completed

Terrina has spent the past 15 years working in the field of technology. She's a full-stack developer experienced in building websites and creating back-end services that support the data needs of various applications.


356 Projects Completed

Terrina's worked as an application developer for nearly 14 years. Her knowledge base includes .Net, C#, JavaScript, Jquery, Angular, React, Node, HTML5, CSS3, and Cloud technology. She makes it a point to keep herself informed about the constant advances being made in the world of front and back end web and mobile development. She understands the importance of providing clarity for readers to help them understand the topic at hand.


294 Projects Completed

Terrina's 20 years of experience in health insurance gives her a unique understanding on health-related subjects. She understands the importance of customer service, providing valuable service to clients, and informing patients of the details of healthcare in a way they can easily absorb.

Web Development

255 Projects Completed

She has15 years of experience as an IT developer. The projects she's worked on often require web interfaces along with relevant back-end infrastructure.


108 Projects Completed

Terrina's 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry allows her to deliver content from the perspective of those charged with helping patients.

Search Marketing

107 Projects Completed

Terrina understands the importance of digital advertising when it comes to growing a business. She's written articles on topics like Google AdWords, SEO/SEM, YouTube video marketing, and how to effectively use social media for promotion.

Cloud Computing

25 Projects Completed

Cloud computing continues its path toward becoming one of the core pillars of business IT infrastructure. Terrina can deliver content that makes it clear how companies can benefit from transitioning their data needs to the cloud.

Artificial Intelligence

11 Projects Completed

Terrina understands the core principles of A.I. and machine learning. She has experience writing content that educates businesses on how to apply both technologies in their day-to-day business functions.

Blog Post

1,838 Projects Completed

Terrina provides engaging, thought-provoking blog posts that inform readers on subjects ranging from health to the reasons why they should consider purchasing a particular car model. She ensures that clients leave satisfied at her ability to turn even the most obscure subject into clear, distinct writing that never feels forced or unnatural.

Web Page

800 Projects Completed

Having built numerous web pages during her 12 years of development experience, Terrina is well-versed in what it takes to create engaging, well thought out content for websites. She understands that users need to understand what a client is all about from the moment they hit the home page.


461 Projects Completed

Those with a real interest in the world expose themselves to all types of ideas and information. Terrina has written about subjects ranging from real estate to automobiles to the difficulty of finding the right ballet shoes for a child that dances. Terrina writes articles to suit what the customer wants. This means that articles can be delivered as formally or informally as the buyer wants.

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