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Terrina has done technical and business writing for the medical insurance industry for over 20 years. Her industry expertise includes 12 years of building web and desktop applications, along with putting together presentations informing potential business clients about how the software would benefit them. She has a special touch for creating website content fitting the unique business perspective of the client. Her own development work utilizes technologies including .Net, C#, Angular, React, Node, JavaScript, and Jquery.

Additional writing experience includes creating product reviews and service comparisons. She's received up-to-date SEO training. Her blogs and articles showcase the distinctive services a client offers to their marketplace. The topics she's covered include technology, cars, computing, business, travel, health, fashion, beauty, and family.
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Terrina's background in medical insurance has led to a lifelong interest in exploring topics related to health. She's managed to combine that with her love of programming. She uses this experience to break complex topics down into content easily understood by the target audience. She's written about topics including:

New Medical Breakthroughs
Angular Programming
Client-side Programming
Dot Net Technologies
Customer Service
Software Reviews


Terrina has a wide variety of interest. She enjoys going deep into topics and bringing that information back to an interested audience. She's brought clarity to topics including technology, programming, healthcare, politics, and social issues. She brings a light humorous touch to topics covering movies, TV, entertainment, and travel.


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Terrina's 20 years of experience in health insurance gives her a unique understanding on health-related subjects. She understands the importance of customer service, providing valuable service to clients, and informing patients of the details of healthcare in a way they can easily absorb.


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Terrina has worked as an application developer for over 12 years. Her knowledge base includes .Net, C#, JavaScript, Jquery, Angular, React, Node, HTML5, CSS3, and Cloud technology. She makes it a point to keep herself informed about the constant advances being made in the world of front and back end web and mobile development. She understands the importance of providing clarity for readers to help them understand the topic at hand.


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Terrina's worked in the field of technology for over 12 years, coding projects across various platforms. She's well-versed in C#, Javascript, web design, cloud technology, and system architecture.

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Terrina provides engaging, thought-provoking blog posts that inform readers on subjects ranging from health to the reasons why they should consider purchasing a particular car model. She ensures that clients leave satisfied at her ability to turn even the most obscure subject into clear, distinct writing that never feels forced or unnatural.

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Having built numerous web pages during her 12 years of development experience, Terrina is well-versed in what it takes to create engaging, well thought out content for websites. She understands that users need to understand what a client is all about from the moment they hit the home page.


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Those with a real interest in the world expose themselves to all types of ideas and information. Terrina has written about subjects ranging from real estate to automobiles to the difficulty of finding the right ballet shoes for a child that dances. Terrina writes articles to suit what the customer wants. This means that articles can be delivered as formally or informally as the buyer wants.

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