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Sarah has 10 years of experience as a freelance writer. Her favorite niches to write about are finance, career, lifestyle, life hacks, parenting, fitness, and health. Over her years as a professional writer, she has written more than 1 million words for happy, satisfied clients.

Sarah is a longtime contributor at and has also written for their sister blog, ParentingSquad. Her work was included in "10,0001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget." She has also had work featured in Everyday Wisdom magazine; the Dollar Stretcher; and on the Brain, Mother blog.

In her years of professional writing, Sarah has produced almost everything: blog posts, website copy, product descriptions, SEO keyword-targeted content, ebooks, and more. She is also the author, with her father-in-law, of an old-fashioned science fiction novel.

Sarah excels at making her readers feel comfortable, like they are sitting in her living room having a chat. Her blog posts and articles make difficult concepts seem easy, while also being informative and entertaining. She loves to write pieces that help people live better lives.
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Sarah has experience writing in the following areas:

-Finance (investing, understanding retirement, etc.)
-Personal Finance (budgeting, living well on less, simple living)
-Life Hacks

She specializes in the following types of content:

-Blog posts
-Informational articles
-News articles
-SEO copy
-Website copy
-Instructional content
-Product descriptions
-Travel articles


Sarah loves to be active. She participates in CrossFit, and in the past has loved running and HIIT workouts. She also loves to take her fitness outside and is an avid stand-up paddleboarder and hiker. Her interests also include travel, hospital chaplaincy, and Montessori education.


Biola University

Sarah graduated with high honors when she received her bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Biola University. She also graduated with highest honors from the Torrey Honors Program.

Talbot School of Theology

Sarah graduated with highest honors when she received her master's degree.


250 Projects Completed

Sarah has written about finance and personal finance for over 10 years. Her experience includes everything from teaching people how to budget to explaining Exchange Traded Funds to people who haven't heard of them before. Sarah loves to explain difficult financial concepts in everyday language and to help people improve their financial position in life.


100 Projects Completed

For more than 10 years, Sarah has been writing articles to help people grow in their careers. She has written blog posts and articles designed to help people choose a job, change careers, or excel in a position they already love. She has also aided people in knowing when it's time to leave a job and when they need to stay where they are and work differently.


50 Projects Completed

Becoming a parent changed Sarah's life and perspective on life forever, and she has written extensively about those changes. Sarah enjoys writing about parenting both reflectively and instructively, and she hopes that the struggles she has faced will help other parents to feel like they are not alone. She has written about parenting since her pregnancy with her eldest child, 8 years ago.

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600 Projects Completed

Sarah has blogged, for herself and others, for more than 15 years. Her posts range in style from personal essays, to how-tos, to informational, and more. She is a versatile and agile blogger, able to take on varied topics and word counts and write engaging, interesting content on all of them.


100 Projects Completed

Sarah writes both informational and instructional articles, tailoring her words to her client's audience. She has written for clients in widely varying industries, including real estate, finance, insurance, healthcare, and more. She has a talent for taking in information, digesting it, and putting it back out there in a way that is easy for people to understand and engages their hearts and minds.

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20 Projects Completed

Sarah has written websites for dentists, designers, dog groomers, life coaches, and more. She can work with clients to find a voice that connects customers to their brand while still giving them the information they need to contact and work with the company. She is excellent at using a writing style that fits well with a client, their industry, and what they do.

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