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Beth has 25 years of experience in software engineering and project management within the IT and Finance industries. She has published over 200 articles in that last year with a primary focus on Cryptocurrency, Big Data and Decision Sciences, and FinTech. Beth has two masters degrees. The first was an MS in Management Information Systems with an emphasis in Decision Sciences. She followed this a few years later with an MS in Finance.
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Corporate Finance
Big Data and Decision Sciences
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Rice University

Beth successfully completed a pre-med program in human performance and kinesiology. However, additional coursework in math and computer science prepared her for a future in the IT industry.

The University of Texas at Dallas

Beth successfully completed an MS in Management Information Systems with a concentration in Decision Science.

Indiana University

Beth completed a master's degree in finance with an emphasis on IT systems and technical analysis.


201 Projects Completed

Decades of academic and corporate experience in decision analysis give Beth a solid foundation for working with marketing analytics. Beth uses her writing to make the harder, more technical aspects of marketing easier to understand.


193 Projects Completed

Beth has an active interest in the emerging FinTech fields. She prepared for a dual career in technology and finance by earning a master's degree in each before Financial Technology became a popular field. Beth is particularly interested in cryptocurrencies, technical trading algorithms, and the applications of behavioral economics and big data to decision-making.

Web Development

121 Projects Completed

Beth has written over 100 blog articles for web development company blogs. As a former software engineer in web development, she understands the technical foundation. She combines her experience with a clear voice that explains complex topics without talking down to the reader.


24 Projects Completed

Beth has earned membership in 2 DAOs (distributed autonomous organizations) by contributing research reports on cryptoassets.
She has written two courses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies for marketing professionals. My current crypto project is creating a high school math curriculum on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts, distributed storage of credentials, and permanent badge access.

Blog Post

187 Projects Completed

Beth contributes to multiple corporate blogs for finance and technology firms. She uses academic databases and search engines to add to her extensive academic and professional knowledge base. This allows her to write accurate and timely articles on a wide range of financial and technical topics.

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