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Ever since he was a young child, Thomas has been interested in words and cartoon images. Throughout his careers as a restaurant cook, and truck driver, Thomas always maintained creative outside interests and projects.

In the mid-1980's, Thomas created a copyrighted cartoon strip titled "Urban Street Guitarist" that was regularly published in several small Connecticut newspapers.

As the leader of a Hartford, CT, area new wave band in the 1980's and 1990's, Thomas and his band mates performed regularly at a Chinese restaurant in Hartford.

Since the late 1990's, Thomas has been producing bright and colorful, acrylic paintings. Many of the paintings are food-related, and have been exhibited at various galleries, stores, restaurants and libraries in the Hartford, Connecticut region.

In 2006, Thomas began his career as an online content writer. Specializing in food and restaurant-related content, he has written more than 3,400 published articles.

Thomas's creative-non-fiction writing has also been published by the Hartford Courant newspaper.
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All aspects of the restaurant business, cooking, acrylic painting, and 1960's and 1970's rock music. Thomas also consistently applies research skills to produce interesting and informative articles on topics of which he possessed no prior knowledge.


Cooking, eating and reading about food are some of Thomas's favorite activities, as are acrylic painting and cartooning. Watching vintage television comedy programs, reading newspapers, antique British motorcycles and Mazda Miatas are some of Thomas's other interests.


Associated Restaurants of CT-Chef Apprentice program

As a student in the AROC Chef Apprentice program, Thomas had the opportunity to apprentice at various restaurants during the daytime, and attend culinary classes at night.


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More than 15 years of experience as a restaurant cook, and a graduate of a two-year chef apprentice program. Extensive experience with food prep and line cooking, as well as recipe creation and menu planning.

Through the years, Thomas has written myriad articles regarding food preparation and the food service industry. Still cooking regularly, Thomas especially enjoys cooking and eating Italian food.


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Many years of experience working as a trained cook, and being aware of healthy eating habits. Maintaining a personal interest in seasoning foods without the use of salt.

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0 Projects Completed

Since 2006, Thomas has written more than 3,000 online articles. Included in that body of work are many product description pieces, as well as a large number of blog posts.

An interesting, long-term project that Thomas carried out for a restaurant-oriented website entailed assuming multiple personas, and populating a user forum.

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