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Sequoyah K
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Sequoyah has over 10 years experience as a writer. Though he received his degree in sociology, he has found himself mostly writing professionally about economic matters and personal finance. He has written for international corporations as well as opinion pieces on news and current events, fiction, and technical writing.
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Economics, music production, sociology, carpentry, DIY, personal finance


History, economics, DIY, music, music production, politics,automotive, tech


University of Vermont

Received a B.S. in Sociology from the University of Vermont.


40 Projects Completed

Sequoyah is a content writer for Insureon, a major insurance broker based in Chicago. He has completed a large number of guides to insurance costs and requirements for different industries in varying U.S states. He works closely with the editorial team to research, compile, and distill hard data into readable guides for small businesses looking to purchase the right insurance policies for their specific business and state of operation.


19 Projects Completed

Sequoyah has written about politics since beginning to write professionally. A news junkie by nature, Sequoyah has always kept on the forefront of political news and remained objective in his reporting. While "fake news" is the buzzword of ourt time, Sequoyah believes that consumers are hungry for objective, non-biased reporting.


20 Projects Completed

Sequoyah is a writer for The Inquisitr, a news organization with a focus on SEO. He has written for them for approximately 8 months, producing original content in line with trending subjects. He writes primarily about news, politics, and finance.

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20 Projects Completed

Sequoyah has produced content marketing blog posts for a wide variety of businesses including vineyards, paper goods manufacturers, insurance brokerages, and human resources consultancies. These posts have been between 500 and 2,000 words, with a focus on SEO. Sequoyah has the agility to match his clients' voices and deliver blog posts in line with whatever brand he is currently writing on behalf of.

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