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She has written for and managed social media for a variety of clients in industries ranging from government to health care to small business and insurance.

She takes pride in understanding each client’s unique needs and obstacles, then finding solutions that are equally unique.
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Healthcare, Insurance, Small Business, Parenting, Politics


Parenting, yoga, and mental health


Texas Tech University

Studied digital communications, principals of journalism, media theories, web design, video production, and more to receive a well-rounded communications education. Minor in Creative Writing.


100 Projects Completed

Mackenzie is a health content writer specializing in mental health, nutrition, and pediatrics. She is careful to use person-first language and reliable sources. Previous clients in this niche include:

-Several nurse staffing agencies
-Many mental health clinics
-Several supplement manufacturers


60 Projects Completed

Mackenzie has written about higher education for two years. Her client list includes both universities and education marketing agencies. Readers can find Mackenzie's work on sites like:

-Walden University
-The Classroom
-Best Colleges
-Nurse Journal
-The Best Schools


20 Projects Completed

Mackenzie Maxwell has always been interested in law, working with legal issues since 2010. She served in Congress for some time, as part of the communications team for Silvestre Reyes and helped constituents understand the laws on the House floor. She stayed active in local politics to understand the laws that govern her area. As a writer, Mackenzie has worked with several lawyers to create thoughtful, helpful content. She continues to write for Legal Beagle.

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100 Projects Completed

Mackenzie has many years of experience writing blogs that engage customers and help businesses grow. Across all industries, Mackenzie ensures that her blogs are accurate, SEO-friendly, and in the correct tone for the client.


0 Projects Completed

Mackenzie is an article writer with seven years of experience writing in industries such as:

-Higher Education

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