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Lisa produces informative, accessible writing in a range of formats, including blog posts, articles, e-books, advertisements, press releases, and more. She writes to educate, entertain, and reach as many readers as possible with SEO-optimized content, weaving keywords into her writing in a natural way.

A meticulous researcher, Lisa has written on a variety of topics including legal issues, home remodeling, travel, health care and veterinary care. She loves to dig into new subjects and present them in an engaging way that will draw readers back to a website over and over again.

Lisa’s experience as an editor ensures that all of her writing is polished, professional, highly readable and ready to go. She can also provide editing and rewriting for all areas of your website.

As the founding editor of a hospital newsletter since 2012, Lisa has been immersed in the writing and editing she loves to do. From captions to short pieces to feature articles, she contributes regularly to the content of this 18-20 page newsletter. Her feature articles, running between 1000 and 3000 words, have given readers an inside look at the healthcare experience at the hospital in areas such as clinical trials, cardiac catheterization, cancer treatment and animal therapy.

Lisa’s professional background includes work as an advertising sales account manager for a computer magazine, where she developed expertise in writing highly effective sales letters and pieces for media kits and other marketing materials. Her publisher noted in his recommendation letter that Lisa served as a writing resource to her colleagues in advertising sales, helping them to polish their client communications.

She also has experience on the agency side, working as a media planner and copywriter for a subsidiary of Ogilvy & Mather in New York City that specialized in advertising for book publishers. Lisa wrote ad copy for major publishers, which ran in the New York Times and other national media.

Lisa has a B.A. in English from the College of William & Mary. She also earned a Certificate in Editing from Temple University.

She would love to write for you and help your company stand out among the competition.

Praise for Lisa’s work:

“Lisa’s clients frequently praised her thoroughness, professionalism and creativity in working closely with them. She provided a range of services that went beyond simple sales technique, and often forged a genuine marketing partnership…One skill for which Lisa was particularly well known in the department is her talent as a writer. She brought in several major accounts on the strength of her thoughtful and concise correspondence and proposals.” (publisher of a computer magazine)

“Lisa is a rare commodity; a perfectionist, yet a master of expediency; analytical while creative and unorthodox in her approach to every situation…her work served to challenge our thinking to the point that what should have been a simple media plan actually reshaped our overall marketing strategy.” (director of advertising for a book publisher)

“Lisa is much more than a media director. She is wonderful at client contact. And a natural writer. In short, she’s that rare person who is both talented—and responsible. If you’ve been lucky enough to work with her as I have, believe me, you’ll never want to see her go. Grab her if you can.” (advertising agency account executive)

“Wow! Lisa, you have very elegantly captured the essence of who we are at the Cancer Institute. Thank you!” (institute director)

“FANTASTIC article…whole issue was great, as always…You are talented and dedicated!” (animal therapy program director)

“Lisa – thank you so much for your wonderful work. The newsletter has been noticed by many members of our senior administration this year as being a creative and effective means of communication. I truly appreciate your fine work!” (hospital administrator)
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Lisa excels at writing in a variety of formats and can provide your company with content such as short and long form articles, blog posts, e-books, press releases, sales letters, newsletters, ad copy, promotional materials, product descriptions, and more.


Lisa’s interests include healthcare, self-help, law, relationships, nutrition, education, travel, pets, entertainment, careers, military family issues, special needs advocacy, real estate, consumer technology, books, volunteering, and women’s issues. She also enjoys researching and writing about topics that are new to her, and she can adapt her writing style to the client's preferred tone, from formal to casual.


The College of William & Mary in Virginia

Lisa has a B.A. in English from the College of William & Mary. Her studies included summer programs in England at Cambridge University, and in Spain.


50 Projects Completed

Lisa wrote many sales and marketing letters in her position as an advertising sales account manager. She also contributed to the writing and editing of media kits and promotional materials. Her colleagues used her frequently as a resource in crafting their own written pitches for potential business.

In her years as an account manager, Lisa tripled market share for her territory, handling clients such as Microsoft and Logitech. She was also skilled at working with the smaller companies, forging close professional relationships that helped her clients to make the most of their advertising budgets. Lisa places a high priority on really listening to clients to come up with the most effective ways to draw in their target audience.


18 Projects Completed

Lisa has written blog posts for law firms on a variety of topics such as personal injury, bankruptcy, divorce and criminal defense. She researches thoroughly to provide articles and blog posts that educate readers and draw traffic to legal websites, with SEO keywords integrated organically into the text. Her legal blog posts for WriterAccess have all received "Exceeded Expectations" ratings.


17 Projects Completed

Lisa has written a number of blog posts and articles in the health field, for health clinics, veterinarians, chiropractors and others. She has also written a health-related e-book.

Lisa has also served as editor of a 16-20 page hospital newsletter since 2012. The newsletter, read by volunteers, hospital administrators and other staff, has received widespread praise from readers, including administrators. In addition to editing all submissions to the newsletter, Lisa writes feature articles ranging from 1000 to 3000 words, short pieces, captions and headlines. She has interviewed hospital personnel for articles on such topics as clinical trials, the hospital's cancer institute, and cardiac catheterization.


0 Projects Completed

Lisa has written a series of articles about the animal therapy program at a local hospital. The animal therapy program director has written to Lisa about the effects her articles have had on the program: "Please know the people you've profiled have told me how honored they've felt to be featured and how delighted they've been by your articles. The interviews you've done with our animal therapy handlers have really energized our volunteers and let them know how valued they are. Thanks for what you've been doing, Lisa. I'm very grateful....FANTASTIC article."

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200 Projects Completed

In her job as an advertising sales account manager, Lisa has written hundreds of sales letters aimed at prospects in the computer industry. She brought in a number of accounts partly on the strength of her written communications, which built a thorough, compelling case for advertising in her publication. The strong foundations of her writing and sales skills can be used effectively across a range of industries.


35 Projects Completed

Lisa has written ad copy for an advertising agency specializing in book publishers. She aims to create a mood that grabs the reader's attention, and presents a call to action that compels the reader to become a customer.

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19 Projects Completed

Lisa has written blog posts on topics such as legal issues, home remodeling, travel, health care (human and pet) and auto purchases. She takes care to write well-researched blogs that provide valuable information to the reader, written in an engaging, concise way.


13 Projects Completed

Lisa can write short and long form articles on a variety of topics, including health, books, self-help, relationships, nutrition, food, education, legal, entertainment, careers, pets, consumer technology, nonprofit issues, and women’s issues. She writes engaging openings that grab the attention of readers, and tells stories that draw them in to the very end.

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