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Rebecca L
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Although she has not received a degree in writing, she was taught different writing techniques and rules in high school. She researches and writes historical articles, religious topics, and information about other peoples' cultures and cuisines. Biographical and historical fiction are two main genres for her stories. Poetry has also been one of her fortes. She has also for the past several years devoted a great deal of time to recipe research, testing, development, and writing. Published by her are four books: 1 biography, 1 cookbook, 1 poetry book, and one book of short stories in the genre of historical fiction and religious.


history and culture research, recipe writing, short story writing


history, food, culture, religion


Good Shepherd Christian Acadamy [NOTE: Private homeschool]

Rebecca received a classic education at home by her parents, her homeschooling having been formerly approved by Home School Legal Defense, and the local magistrates. She passed with high grades and finished her schooling in twelfth grade.


0 Projects Completed

Rebecca's work has not officially been in the industry arena, however, she has applied herself to researching and testing many cuisines and publishing these recipes on her blogs. Her new blog, Rivka's Old World Recipes, offers original family recipes. Eventually she intends to publish gluten free cooking tips and suggestions, as well as more recipes that are based on health needs. She has also begun writing articles on Vocal media.


1 Projects Completed

The project was to write product descriptions for a medical catalogue. Rebecca wrote about the uses for the product and its ingredients, using catchy words to describe them. Examples of products describe include lotions, sunscreens, bandages, shoe inserts and corn removers. She was given a deadline to finish, as well as a word amount requirement. Instructions were to type it into a document on Google Docs that was shared by other content writers. This project was a brief contract.

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