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Since 2012 when she picked up her first client, she has written pieces that cover the gamut from freight logistics to finding the write maternity bra. One thing that she has learned working for an agency is how to manage her time and jungle several projects at once.

At the same time, she makes sure never to skimp on quality. She writes pieces for her clients that she would be proud to show off herself- of course, as a ghostwriter, she rarely gets to show off her work. Some of the more well known clients she has written pieces for include:
Kendall Homes
Coldwell Bankers
World Patent Marketing
and Several Real Estate Agents with Sotheby's International

The agency that she writes for specializes in real estate so many of her projects for that client are real estate related, but she has also written tech content for Blueshift Technologies including two commissioned full-length manuscripts on cybersecurity; hypnotherapist Maya Grace International including an e-book; personal security and elder care among other topics for ITVibes marketing agency in Houston.
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Her specialties include, but are not limited to real estate writing, tech writing, creative writing, scholarly articles, research and analysis, newsletter writing, blog posts, listicles, and landing pages.


Her interests include anything in the social and behavioral sciences, the arts and entertainment, sports (particularly college football and basketball - Go Bucks!), script writing though she has not had the opportunity to do so professionally as yet, and politics/journalism.


The Ohio State University

Strategic Communication (SCM) teaches you the ways in which organizations communicate in order to accomplish a goal and includes courses that examine communication through public relations, marketing communication, advertising, persuasion and public theory, and communication campaigns.

Additionally earned a double minor in Political Science and Spanish Education

Real Estate

600 Projects Completed

3.5 years focusing on residential and commercial real estate including work for real estate web designers, real estate schools, and individual agents.


150 Projects Completed

Wrote 15 blogs per month in 2016 for Blueshift Technology's blog plus wrote 2 commissioned full-length manuscripts. Writer was charged with coming up with the topics as well as researching and developing each piece.


100 Projects Completed

Wrote over 100 blogs and articles for two clients, both marketing agencies. One dealt with online marketing in general and the other focused specifically on real estate marketing.

Blog Post

1,007 Projects Completed

1,000 is an estimated number of projects as there are over 5 years and more than 60 different accounts of writing between 5 and 10 blog pieces per month each. Below is one of the writer's most recent blog posts from last month.

Newsletter Content

300 Projects Completed

The writer's portfolio contains newsletters for two different accounts. One is the HomeActions newsletter for real estate agents which covers home improvement for the most part. The other is in the commercial real estate vein, including high profile accounts like SIOR, Coldwell Bankers, and NAI URC.


30 Projects Completed

A few of the accounts that mix in articles with blog posts which go into much more detail than regular blogs. Writer produced several pieces from 7 different industries.

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