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Michelle writes. Michelle writes compelling, entertaining and informative articles, blogs, press releases, and so much more. She writes in your voice; from advertising copy to e-books, Michelle is adept at ensuring her work not only embodies your thoughts and ideas but reflects your personality as well.

Michelle is voraciously curious; she treasures every opportunity to learn and constantly seeks to expand and deepen her knowledge. These combined with her proficiencies in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles ensure that research papers Michelle writes are well thought- out and expertly formatted.

Michelle writes poetry and short fiction for fun and reads most everything from Shakespeare to Castaneda and from Time to Vogue. She also enjoys romping through the urban wild lands with her pup, Shadow, and a good playground frolic with the neighborhood kids.

Memorandum to manuscript the right words are crucial, and when the right words are crucial, remember, Michelle writes.
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Articles, Research, Investigative Journalism, Website Copy, Blogs (B to B, B to C, Marketing, and Social Commentary), Digital Content, Press Releaes, Ghostwriting, eBooks


Marketing, Audience Development, Personal and Business Growth, Social/Cultural research, observation and commentary, Politics, Religion, Theology, Self-help


Sure Foundation Theological Institute

An exploration of the social and moral issues espoused in the Christian Bible particularly from an Evangelical point of view.

Tarrant County College District at Hurst, TX

Michelle came to TCC to complete the required courses for entry into a degree program at the University of Texas. While in attendance, Michelle explored topics as diverse as the Holocaust and the effectiveness of early childhood education among socioeconomically disadvantaged populations. She also had great fun participating in the school’s Theater Arts program.

University Of Texas at Arlington

Michelle entered UTA’s Interdisciplinary Studies program intensely interested in whether and how the socioeconomic realities of the early 2,000s had their root in and were reflective of early 18th-century American sociopolitical ideologies and socioeconomic realities. Her Capstone research established a direct link between modern social challenges and historical social norms, introduced unique approaches to eradicating modern socioeconomic turmoil and invited further research into America’s sociopolitical assumptions and misconceptions.

Michelle was active in the National Society for Leadership and Success and attained her Certification in Leadership from the University’s Women in Leadership program. She also consistently contributed to campus Environmental Sustainability efforts and programs.


41 Projects Completed

From 2008 to 2015, Michelle worked as a Business and Finance expert for a digital content site, which served nearly a dozen online news and information resources. During her tenure, she wrote on a wide variety of topics including finalizing a business structure, employer responsibility to protect employees’ social security numbers and tax law for home offices.


22 Projects Completed

Michelle works with small business owners, multi-level marketers, solopreneurs and personal development professionals to expand their reach and better engage their audiences. Michelle expertly provides a wide range of services. She curates and authors compelling social media posts, writes captivating and persuasive blogs, and her press releases exude energy as well as information. Michelle also writes 5-star, audience-attracting social media profiles, and captivating website copy.

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Is the blog you’re reading interesting, informative, even entertaining? Does it inspire you to examine your perceptions, evaluate your perspective and spur you to action? If the blog you’re reading lifts you, it may be a blog written by Michelle. Basketball league organizers, marketers, publishers and motivational gurus alike are seeing their ideas, knowledge, and personalities reflected back to them in their blogs, written by Michelle.

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Original website copy, revitalization of existing site copy and entire website design, Michelle does it all. She works with site owners, from spiritualists to social scientists, to ensure that their websites serve their audiences. Michelle dependably delivers clear, concise and captivating web copy that spurs action and inspires audience loyalty.

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