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A student, wife, and parent of four adorable fur-babies, Angela is seeking to grow her career as a writer by providing a wide variety of well-researched and written pieces. She is an avid lover of the arts and science, and has a passion for learning and educating others. As she is especially passionate about the rights of all living beings to live a life free of suffering at the hands of others or the environment, articles about animals and human rights are right up her alley. However, she is well versed in research techniques due to her arduous journey through college, so topics that she does not know as much about will be thoroughly researched prior to writing to provide a high-quality and informed piece. A perfectionist at heart, any piece she delivers will be well put-together and any grammatical or technical errors weeded out to deliver a polished and desirable piece every time.


Blog articles, educational articles, spreadsheets, how-to's, and research pieces.


Animals, Animal Welfare, Entertainment, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Home and Living, Economics, Educational.


Pikes Peak Community College

Focus on classes that form the backbone of an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree, with a focus on classes in Psychology and Sociology.

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Classes with a focus on American criminal justice procedures, including law enforcement, the judicial system, and the correctional system. A subfocus on classes in the judicial system.


0 Projects Completed

Experience in writing in this field is limited to projects for school or personal growth. Angela has written numerous research articles on various educational topics, including criminal justice issues, sociology topics, social issues, and other miscellaneous topic. Total work on projects such as this includes more than 50 completed works, most of which are approximately 1000 word essays.


0 Projects Completed

Angela has experience in writing presentations for both work and school projects. As she believes that the best presentations are those that do not make the audience work to do excessive reading, her presentation style is to condense the full content down to the most important key elements that an audience could use to glance at while listening to a presentation, and the author or presenter can glance at to remember his/her place and move forward if he loses his train of thought.

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