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In 1967, a friend's older brother gave Kaanii a copy of Haight Ashbury's legendary newspaper, The Oracle. By the end of that summer, she was writing, typing and hand-illustrating her own neighborhood newspaper, The Cul De Sac. Kaanii was a kid, and the paper lasted less than one summer, but the experience led her to a lifelong love of writing.

Kaanii's first for-compensation writing work was composing bumper stickers and 'gags' in the 80s. After that, she started writing for America Online in the mid 1990s. To offset the usual $400+ monthly fees (AOL was by-the-minute back then), Kaanii wrote movie reviews and trivia Q&A in exchange for 'free' time online. This led to a five-year stint as a Host in the now-defunct America Online Writers Club where she researched, wrote and moderated a popular weekly game, Tuesnight Trivia.

In 2005, Kaanii began managing per-article work through online bulletin boards. She ghost-wrote travel guides and product reviews and listicles. In 2007, Kaanii signed on to write optimized content for an inbound marketing service. Today, she freelances through a number of quality content sites.

As a clever content writer, Kaanii can optimize pages to client specifications. She understand keywords, SEO, SEM, LSI. She knows how to attract positive and organic attention from search engines. Kaanii can make almost any topic attractive to search engines and interesting to human readers.
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Real Estate

2,000 Projects Completed

Kaanii C has written countless SEO articles for dozens of real estate companies around the world. Currently, she writes informative blogs that add value to the client's website.

Below, you can read a few paragraphs from an ongoing real estate blog that she composes on behalf of a Denver Realtor.


100 Projects Completed

Kaanii C delivers well-researched information in a concise and understandable manner. When she writes blogs, content and educational pages for law firms, she is careful to word them properly and make no promises.


0 Projects Completed

Kaanii C has recently published several articles that are of interest to the rock 'n' roll world.


2,000 Projects Completed

Kaanii C has written excellent articles about a variety of subjects for many different clients around the world.

Press Release

10 Projects Completed

Kaanii C writes press releases for entertainers, celebrities, law firms, non-profit groups and real estate companies.

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