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Vickie's brick and mortar experience covers several decades. She has experience as a supervisor in banking, office manager for a wholesale distributor, assistant supervisor for a major pharmaceutical company, two apartment communities, temporary staffing company, and twice as an assistant crew leader for the Census.

Additional fields of work include retail sales, software tester, and conversion operator for the U.S. Postal Service. She also ran her own home business doing specialized spreadsheets.

Vickie began her freelance writing career in 1998 while working full time. She wrote informational articles for several websites. Her online experience also includes work as a content researcher for bed and breakfasts around the world, copy editor, and online community manager.

As a managing editor, Vickie was responsible for hiring freelance writers, critiquing work, mentoring new writers, supervising over 100 writers and monitoring forums. As a senior managing editor, Vickie supervised over 25 managing editors with overall supervision of several hundred freelance writers, updated website contract, hired and removed writers, and was responsible for writers creating coursework.

Vickie writes full time creating articles, blogs, product descriptions, SEO content, and copywriting for websites. She covers a wide range of subjects including gardening, pets, food, health, fashion, silk and dried flower crafts, home improvement, home decor, and careers.

Her area of expertise is travel writing where Vickie has produced over 2000 pieces of published content for websites such as USA Today, Yahoo Travel, Marriott, Trails, Hipmunk, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, and many more.

As a home improvement and gardening writer, Vickie has published work at DexKnows and Garden Guides.

Her interest in flower crafts prompted Vickie to start an at home cottage business selling original crafts to friends, co-workers, at yard sales, flea markets and craft shows. She has written several hundred how-to flower craft projects for adults and children for sites including Suite101, eHow and Yahoo.

Vickie is wild about wildlife, their environment, and their habitats and has written numerous articles about wild cats, elephants, and the rainforest. Her article about Florida Black Bears was published in the former Eco Florida Magazine.

Her writing process includes thorough research on any given topic in order to create creative, informative and quality content for every client. She has earned the distinction as an Elite Travel Writer, Elite Craft Writer, and Elite Article writer at WriterAccess and consistently remains in the top rankings for those areas.

Vickie has an extensive portfolio with thousands of articles published with and without a byline. She prefers to have solo assignments but will work with whatever works best for the client.

Vickie is currently constructing her travel-related websites where she will share information for travelers. The third website for her craft projects is also underway.

Her personal motto is, "For an adventure in life, always follow the roads less traveled."
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*Travel writing
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*Arts and crafts writing
*Small business writing
*Careers writing
*SEO article and blog writing
*Product description writing
*Outdoor recreation writing
*Creative writing
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In her free time, Vickie enjoys doing home improvement projects, traveling primarily throughout the southeastern states and her home state of Florida. She also enjoys camping, antique porcelain and china collecting, flower and vegetable gardening, southern cooking, creating crafts, and oil painting.

She is an avid reader with mysteries, spy novels, historical biographies and science fiction her favorite genres.

Vickie has been writing poetry for many years and has had content published in a poetry book anthology.

Her love of nature led her to creating a friendly environment for an array of wildlife in her yard which was certified as a wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.


Leto High School

Vickie graduated from Leto High School, June, 1967. In her senior year, she participated in the work/school program which allowed her to take her full workload of classes half a day, and work the second half of the day.

This opportunity through the school system allowed Vickie to begin her career in the business world with her first job working in a local bank for the next five years. The experience resulted in valuable experience that has served her well throughout her working career.

Hillsborough Community College

Having worked for a major software company in Atlanta for 6 years as a software tester and then as the software librarian responsible for creating system and application discs, Vickie took, and completed, 60+ hours towards her Associates degree in computer programming. She has taken courses in Cobol programming, flowcharts, and software applications. Vickie plans to continue with additional courses focused on creative writing and marketing.


3,477 Projects Completed

Vickie has an extensive writing portfolio of articles dedicated to travel content covering hotels, hostels, restaurants, attractions, points of interest, things to do, and more. She has covered numerous cities in the U.S. from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Vickie has also written travel guides to locations in Germany, Chile, South Africa, Israel, Scandinavia, France, London, Indonesia, Poland, Bali, and more.


2,084 Projects Completed

Vickie has covered many areas when it comes to entertainment for adults, singles, and family activities in the U.S. and abroad. From ski resorts and nightclubs to annual food, music and craft festivals and theme parks, Vickie puts the right "spin" on each piece.

Real Estate

1,877 Projects Completed

She has composed a over 1,000 pieces of content covering many areas of real estate. Articles have included descriptions of neighborhoods in multiple cities and states in the U.S., apartment living, architectural design ideas and renovations, landscaping and staging.


750 Projects Completed

Vickie has written webpages for multiple clients covering a variety of topics from specifics for particular makes and models to general information including sales specials, financing options, and care and maintenance services.


646 Projects Completed

With over 18 years of writing, Vickie has written on multiple topics about outdoor recreation. From covering a weekly motocross motorcycle blog and writing over 300 articles for outdoor activities for RVers to canoeing down the Chattahoochee River or hiking the trails in North Carolina, Vickie writes using a combination of research and when applicable, her own outdoor experience.


485 Projects Completed

Vickie has written extensively in the construction area creating city and state guides for homeowners looking for in-depth information about the process of having new and replacement roofing, windows, solar panels, and HVAC systems installed. Information also included the advantages and disadvantages of different roofing materials, types of windows, requirements for solar panels, and the different types of heating and cooling systems.

Vickie has also written 100+ articles about plumbing for homeowners in need of information about issues such as leaking faucets, replacement water heaters, creating drain fields, what to do about clogged septic systems and more.

Home Living

328 Projects Completed

Vickie has contributed numerous pieces on the subject of DIY and how-to home improvement projects and renovations and ideas for home decor. Her hands on experience when it came to renovations to her own home along with working with her brother on various remodeling projects has provided Vickie with the first-hand experience that she incorporates in related articles. Areas she has written about for multiple clients include HVAC, plumbing, solar panels, window replacement and roofing.


210 Projects Completed

From smartphone applications and managing cash flow to marketing mistakes and sales tips, she has written content covering a variety of topics aimed mainly for small business owners interested in information and techniques to secure new customers and retain existing clients.


205 Projects Completed

Vickie works with creating silk and dried flower crafts. She has done this for several years as a hobby and a small cottage business selling original pieces at craft shows, flea markets, yard sales, and co-workers. She currently is working on a new website to showcase and sell her work.


155 Projects Completed

Vickie has written many informative articles as well as product descriptions covering a variety of pet-related topics including food, diet, flea medications, health care, boarding, grooming, shelters, adoptions, training, safety, and first aid for cats, dogs and birds. Her content also includes tips for car and RV travel with pets.


119 Projects Completed

Content she has written covers a diverse menu of topics on explaining basic health issues from ringworm, pulled muscles and bursitis to canker sores, ear wax and lupus. She has also written about senior care, medical tattooing and chronic diseases.


111 Projects Completed

Vickie currently contributes gardening articles and has written on the subject for several years providing information and step-by-step articles covering planting, growing, caring, and pruning flowers, planting trees, landscaping, and basic yard maintenance.


11 Projects Completed

In her brick and mortar experience in the business world, Vickie has held the position of assistant manager for a temporary staffing agency. Her duties included interviewing potential temporary and temp-to-perm candidates, administering testing, validating references, and working directly with clients to set up orders and assign appropriate staff.


8 Projects Completed

Vickie's work experience has covered a wide range of job titles. She has many years of experience as a manager, assistant manager, supervisor and general worker. She has worked in several industries including banking, pharmaceuticals, temporary staffing, United States Postal Service, wholesale distributing and with the U.S.Census Bureau.

Blog Post

2,886 Projects Completed

Vickie has written on-going blogs for clients in the RV industry and multiple apartment management companies. With in-depth research, she provides informative content about local attractions, restaurants, events, festivals and points of interest in cities/states across the U.S. She has also created blogs for additional industries including banking, health, pest control services, paramedical tattooing, education, hotel accommodations, real estate, neighborhoods across the U.S.and a company blog for a motorcycle website.


2,567 Projects Completed

Vickie's years of writing experience has allowed her to write across a broad spectrum of topics. Her dedication to solid research, engaging content, and adherence to clients' instructions has earned her Elite Article writer status at WriterAccess. Vickie is a generalist with ample experience in creating content for websites, blogs, guides, and mobile devices.

Facebook Post

1,018 Projects Completed

Creating social media posts to capture and drive consumers to client websites is one of Vickie's specialties. She blends a conversational tone, product information, and a dash of humor, when applicable, to draw in and retain the reader.

Twitter Post

1,000 Projects Completed

Vickie captures the essence of what a company is promoting through Twitter posts covering a variety of topics such as pest control services, medical tattooing, trucking, vintage cars, medical answering services, small business entrepreneurs, and more.

Web Page

646 Projects Completed

Vickie has created numerous web pages for businesses creating content for their home page, about us page, history of the company, and company services for industries such as heating and cooling, pest control services, medical answering services and architectural design and real estate firms.

Product Description

534 Projects Completed

Vickie's experience with product descriptions covers informational product content for a variety of products such as luxury watches, hotels, sports and outdoor wear, camping gear, costumes, cars, SUVs, RVs, office accessories and equipment, pet food and accessories, survival packs, and food products.

Provided content ranges from short, informational 200 word blurbs to full 500 word articles that include in-depth information about the specific product.

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