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In 2013, Jimi graduated from the Scottsdale Film School's screenwriting track.

Since then, his TV pilot "Over The Line" (a modern western drama set on the Arizona/Mexico border) has placed in the Austin Film Festival's Screenwriting Competition, which resulted in obtaining management and interest from HBO, AMC, and FX.

In addition to being hired as a co-writer for the feature film script "American Militia", he also has years of experience in media production, ghostwriting, creative writing, and article writing.


Screenwriting, Creative Writing, Multimedia Production, Songwriting/Music Production, Movies, Music, Television, and Pop-Culture.


Health, Science, Gardening, Meta-Physics, Mythology, Ecology, Travel, and Politics.


Scottsdale School of Film+Theatre

In 2013, Jimi graduated from the Scottsdale School of Film+Theatre where he received hands-on training in Motion Picture/Television Production, in feature film and media theory. He also wrote a variety of screenplays for short films, feature films, and television markets. Along with focused studies in creative writing and English.


9 Projects Completed

Jimi has written several screenplays as well as coverage for film festivals. Two of his scripts have placed in major competitions - Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition and American Zoetrope Screenwriting Competition.

He is also a graduate of Scottsdale Film Schools Screenwriting Track. His TV drama script "Over The Line" was considered by HBO'S Original Programming Department.

Primarily a drama and character-driven storyteller. Jimi leans toward mythic and allegorical approaches to storytelling, while keeping a firm foot grounded in reality. He also really likes to play around with "meta" ideas and writing strong female characters.

In addition to screenwriting, Jimi has written film reviews, analysis, and articles for various websites.


22 Projects Completed

When creating an article, Jimi focuses on the thematic heart of the subject, product or event and likes to keep it simple. Although having a primary background in screenwriting, Jimi has been able to write several articles that have genuinely helped clients. Whether it be financial, time-based, or spurring on additional ideas for future content. He has over a year's experience in providing content for blogs, websites and individual clients.

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