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Ethan S
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Ethan has been a full-time freelance writer (as well as an independent naturalist) for more than a decade. Writing has been a passion of his childhood, and as a profession has run alongside—and often dovetailed with—his other enduring lifelong interest in the natural world. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Ecology/Natural Resources as well as a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Ethan’s writing covers a lot of territory. His own projects, which include an in-progress field guide and an ongoing landscape-monitoring study, involve technical and interpretive writing related to earth science, landscape ecology, and wildlife. His byline has appeared in newspapers (as a young reporter with beats ranging from county government to wildfire and agriculture, and more recently as an outdoor columnist) as well as such magazines as Backpacker and Statehood Media’s Oregon and Washington travel/culture magazines (1859 and 1889, respectively). He’s also written extensively on the outdoors and general travel for such outlets as RootsRated and Matcha (including, through them, various outdoor recreation companies and local tourism offices).

He wrote hundreds of articles on wildlife and conservation for Earth Touch News, and has researched and written up material for Wilderness Connect, the official information clearinghouse on federal wilderness areas, as well as for the Bureau of Land Management.

Ethan’s also written extensively in a wide variety of subjects, formats, and voices for scores of clients, including via WriterAccess. These thousands of pieces on all manner of topics have taken the form of web pages, blogposts, social-media posts, ebooks, technical reports, white papers, press releases, and more. Fully capable of high-volume and fast-turnover work, he nonetheless always devotes careful attention to research and clear, thorough client communications to ensure—even on tight turnarounds—accurate, compelling, and engaging copy.
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