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Sandi has written a range of material, from an ebook for new Akita owners to surveys, and professional letters to website content. She devotes the same level of attention to every project she takes on, and isn't satisfied with less than quality output. She was Editor-in-Chief of her award winning high school newspaper, but that was a long time ago. Regardless, she still remembers the "who, what, when, where, why and how" of journalistic writing. Her employment required significant amounts of writing with a decided educational/medical leaning, and she is equally comfortable in that area. She especially enjoys writing material that allows, or calls for, a touch of humor.

She earned her degree in a program that required extensive writing (five 2"-3" binders for the Junior and Senior years), and loved every minute of it. Her grasp of grammar and punctuation is well above average, and her love of language is obvious in her careful selection of just the right word to convey the exact shade of meaning she wants to convey.

Sandi's work experience includes veterinary medical technician, animal care manager, adjunct instructor in a community college veterinary technician certification program, laboratory manager (medical microbiology and immunology), medical school clerkship coordinator, and coordinator of the Clinical Virology Symposium, an annual international symposium covering laboratory and clinical research, and treatment, of viral diseases. For 2 years, she worked on a project investigating the effect of cannabinoids on the immune system. Her varied employment involved different styles of writing, including course descriptions, training documents, letters, brochures, and exam questions to name a few. She still composes formal letters and contracts in her position as Corresponding Secretary for the Akita Club of America.

In summary, Sandi doesn't have what might be a typical writer's resume. She believes she can write well on any subject or project that grabs her interest, and she's eager to try her hand at writing to fill the needs of others. You should be aware that she has exactly NO experience with the SEO style of writing, which appears to differ in many ways from "typical" writing. She's retired, and looking for interesting projects to fill some time while she waits for her husband to retire!


Pets - from the point of view of veterinary technician, owner, breeder, and exhibitor
Medicine - she likes to turn complex into simple, and make things understandable to the layman
Survey Research - She enjoys putting surveys together with an eye to avoiding bias in the questions


Medicine, pets in general, travel, cooking, being a caregiver, reading, writing, technology


Eckerd College

Sandi's husband and her boss worked as a tag-team to convince her to complete her degree. She had attended Florida State University from 1966 to 1968, married, and went to work, and with a career in Laboratory Animal Science, and a new, version 2.0 husband, had no interest in more learning. She finally relented as an act of self-defense, and enrolled in the Eckerd College Program for Experienced Learners (PEL), attending part-time, nights, and weekends. Every Eckerd PEL class required extensive writing, which she thoroughly enjoyed, much to her surprise. She graduated with a 4.0 GPA and a degree in Organizational Studies, and a newfound love for survey research and organizational change management.


8 Projects Completed

Sandi spent 28 years working in medical-related fields, from veterinary technician to laboratory manager at a medical school. She retired in 2004, and for the next 10 years ran an internationally recognized annual symposium on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of viruses. Not herself a scientist or medical professional, she was responsible for all printed material, and became intimately familiar with the related medical terminology. Sandi's strong background in grammar and composition was a great asset when minor editing was needed, although that was not technically part of the job.


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Sandi has had a lifelong love of animals, and currently lives with 3 dogs (Akitas), a cat, and a husband who often calls on her for help with his snakes, turtles, and tortoises! She was a Certified Veterinary Medical Technician for many years, holding a second, part-time job at an emergency veterinary clinic, and a third part-time job as a USDA Animal Welfare Inspector. These were in addition to her full-time job, but she was younger then, and had a lot of energy.

All that part-time work meant money that could be spent on showing her dogs, and feeding her horse, both of which are expensive propositions, and neither of which she is engaged in at the present time.


0 Projects Completed

Over the years Sandi has written articles for newsletters and industry specific magazines related to laboratory animal science/medicine, breeding and showing dogs, and veterinary medicine. One article printed in "Contemporary Topics" led to her selection as the recipient of a travel award to attend a meeting in Warwick, England.


0 Projects Completed

As a member of several organizations, Sandi has used her talent to develop brochures to educate others about the benefits of membership.

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