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Miriam is a full-time law student and a freelance writer. Yes, she can definitely cover your legal blog writing needs, as well as intra-office memos.

As a freelance writer, Miriam believes that no niche is to small, no subject too taboo. She has extensive experience writing about esoterica, including astrology, tarot, psychic abilities, and other supernatural phenomenon. She's been a professional astrologer for fifteen years, has written one book and blogs for new astrologers at Fugitive Umbrellas. Miriam has experience publishing astrology, legal writing, blog writing, magazine article writing, research, and academic writing. She also does creative writing, largely short stories and novellas.

Do you need help writing for non-native speakers? As a former ESL teacher, Miriam learned how to decipher pidgin English and rephrase it into conversational, native English. Thus, she can revise and edit the articles written by non-native speakers so that their work makes sense to native English speakers.


astrology, tarot, legal writing, legal blogs, astrology articles, tarot articles, New Age topics, tutoring, and ESL.


law, litigation, writing, astrology, tarot, folklore, cosmetics, color theory, nature, cooking, food, cuisine,modern medicine, local interest, wine country, American culture, American folkways, American history


Rutgers University

Miriam earned her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University, studying literature and writing under award-winning writers, focusing on writing and the modern American experience, particularly pop culture and the expression of race, ethnicity, religion, and class through literature and film.

Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Miriam is a third year law student focusing on civil law and litigation. While her focus is mostly on tort law and trial work, she has also studied appellate advocacy, administrative law, municipal law, and criminal law.

Miriam is also a features article editor for the Consumer Law Review, a law journal with an audience of both legal and non-legal professionals.


3 Projects Completed

Miriam has summarized Supreme Court opinions for law students and has edited legal articles for the Consumer Law Review and for private clients.


13 Projects Completed

Miriam writes a lot of articles, usually astrology, but she can cover most other types. While she prefers listicles, she also writes conventional articles as well.


3 Projects Completed

Miriam has written her own ebook and has ghost written two ebooks. Miriam can not only create the copy, but format the ebook for Smashwords and Kindle.

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