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Amanda started working as a freelance writer in 2008. Since then, she has specialized in writing on health-related topics, including nutrition, medical conditions, fitness, mental health and alternative medicine. She also has experience writing on other topics, such as real estate, travel, interior design, home improvement, parenting and pets. Amanda excels at taking complex topics and breaking them down into information that's easy for the average Internet user to understand.


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Industry Projects

  • Health500+
  • Pets100+
  • Construction100+
  • Travel100+
  • Kids/Family20+
  • Science20+
  • Gaming20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Amanda has written several articles on health topics ranging from obscure medical conditions to proper hand washing techniques. She enjoys the challenge of explaining difficult medical terms in a way that average Internet users will understand. Amanda excels at finding the most reliable and up-to-date references to use for health-related articles.


Amanda has written pet-related articles on topics ranging from veterinary care to basic home care, such as grooming and feeding. Her pet articles have mainly focused on dogs, although she has also written some on cats, birds and reptiles. Amanda has written several instructional articles on dog training and informative articles on dog breeds.


Amanda has written content on several construction topics, ranging from home renovation and decorative concrete to best practices for construction site safety. She can provide informative, well-written content for construction clients, whether they need a compelling landing page or a friendly, down-to-earth blog post aimed at customers.


Amanda has written articles on several travel destinations in the US and Canada, as well as a few places in Europe. She also draws on her past work experience as a business travel planner to write helpful articles on booking trips. Amanda enjoys giving travelers the tips they need to prepare for their next vacation or business trip.


Amanda has written several articles covering parenting topics that deal with health, behavioral and safety issues. Her articles have primarily focused on infants and toddlers, although she has written articles for parents with older kids as well. Amanda enjoys providing parents with the information they need to keep their kids safe and healthy.


Amanda's articles on wildlife have focused primarily on endangered species and conservation efforts. She has written several articles on various aspects of the endangered African wild dog. She has also written articles on non-threatened wildlife species, as well as the types of animals found in certain regions, such as the Canadian Rockies.


Amanda's articles on gaming have covered computer and video games, as well as board games. Her experience as an avid gamer has helped her write thorough articles on game walkthroughs, hints and cheats. Amanda's articles have focused mainly on Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii & Nintendo DS games. She has also written articles on MMORPGs.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Article500+
  • Facebook Post50+
  • Twitter Post50+
  • Press Release20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Amanda has written hundreds of blog posts for a variety of businesses. She is comfortable writing blog posts in different tones, ranging from informal second person to formal third person.


Amanda has written hundreds of authoritative and instructional articles that have been published online. Her articles cover a broad range of topics, including pets, travel, health, games, parenting and wildlife. Amanda provides high quality articles with information that is backed by the most reliable sources. She excels at presenting complex information in a straightforward manner that the average Internet use can easily grasp.

Facebook Post

Amanda has written several Facebook posts for a wide range of businesses. She knows how to draw readers in with these short posts and encourage them to learn more by visiting official company websites.

Twitter Post

Amanda has written dozens of Twitter posts for a variety of companies and knows how to craft a short yet eye-catching post of 140 characters or less.

Press Release

Amanda has written press releases for a wide range of businesses. She is familiar with the specific format and guidelines required for these assignments.

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