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Evelyn has worked as a freelance writer for the past two years in addition to working as an independent film producer, fulfilling a passion for providing accurate writing for a variety of clients with her skills as a researcher, writer, and editor.

Evelyn has written in a variety of capacities, including as a copywriter, research writer, and journalist. With over 2,000 pieces written for corporations and private clients, she continues to work closely with clients and editors to craft pieces based on her client's needs and the demographics they hope to engage.

Working for the past two years as a copywriter, Evelyn has written pieces ranging from 50 words to 10,000 words on a variety of subjects, including politics, education, science, medicine, civic technology, and activism.

Evelyn's strengths lie in research and developing long-form pieces, although she also has extensive experience writing short-form articles and blog posts in the areas of internet, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. She caters to smaller companies, providing pieces tailor made for niche markets and demographics, ensuring that each client is given the exact piece they are searching for.

When not freelancing, Evelyn focuses on writing screenplays, novels, short stories, and comic books. She also continues to work as a producer in independent film in Los Angeles, where she is based, as well as taking on the occasional freelance photography job.
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Education: Evelyn has worked primarily as an education writer for the past year, focusing on higher education and the process of getting to college, including financial aid, scholarships, finding the proper school for certain majors, and the career paths that follow, including graduate school.

Travel: As a military child, Evelyn has lived in Japan, the Caribbean, and America. She has also traveled extensively in Latin America and Europe. She specializes in travel itineraries, "What to See" and "What to Do" guides, how to travel cheaply, and more. She has a special emphasis in digital nomad travel experiences.

Politics: As a registered voter, Evelyn takes the time to stay up-to-date on the latest local, national, and international news, including general elections, conflict areas, and legislation that affects Americans and people worldwide. She has extensive knowledge of policy in the areas of sex trafficking, foster care, education, drug running, the black market, and foreign affairs.

Business: Evelyn has written guest blog posts for various companies, emphasizing marketing, social media engagement, and turning engagement into sales for businesses who operate fully on the internet.

Photography: As a freelance street and product photographer, Evelyn has a wide base of knowledge in photography, including smartphone and iPhone photography, editing, and the marketing and services of photographers.

Film: In her spare time, Evelyn works as a film producer, writing and consulting on short films and features alongside her husband. She has completed five short films in the last three years and works as a story consultant on various projects, lending her expertise on Campbellian and Western storytelling and act structure to shorts that are currently in development.


Online Learning and Education: As a lifelong learner, Evelyn is constantly taking MOOCs and online courses from higher education institutions, including Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and more; subjects she takes courses on range from biomedicine and engineering to history and politics. As such, she has a vested interest in online and continuing education, believing that it provides a path forward for students who wish to better their professional and personal lives with a degree or other qualification.

Digital Nomad Experiences: Evelyn works in a variety of timezones when she travels, allowing her to take her work on the road with her. This is helpful, as she has family and friends all over the world, including in Europe. She is always on the search for the new business catering to millennial digital nomads as well as advancements in technology that make her job easier, including mobile banking and travel, freelance job sites, and more.

Photography: Realizing her passion for photography while working as a stand-in still photographer on film sets, Evelyn is now passionate about digital photography, particularly smartphone photography, as she does not own a DSLR. She travels the world, taking photos of street art, cultural festivities, and more.

Languages: Evelyn's first language is Spanish, having learned English for the first time at 8 years old. She's now fluent in both languages as well as French and Italian and continues to learn more about how language changes the way people see culture and the science behind the bilingual brain.

Psychology: Evelyn works full-time as a freelance writer for a majority of reasons, but mostly in order to fund her college education. She has chosen psychology as part of her double major (along with law), a subject she has been interested in since she was a child. She is passionate about neuroscience and forensic psychology and as a little girl, dreamt of being a profiler for the federal government.


1,513 Projects Completed

Evelyn has written over a thousand articles on higher education as a ghostwriter and copywriter, focusing on the process of getting into college and graduate school; she has also written hundreds of college rankings, each with 50 or more colleges listed. Other pieces include e-books on getting into medical and law school, how-to guides focusing on picking the right school, and financial aid blog posts.


500 Projects Completed

In addition to writing personal pieces on politics, Evelyn has worked with dozens of clients to provide accurate and relevant articles in the space of politics. While she has written for most left-leaning sites, she has also worked with independent and conservative publications in the past, writing both short-form and long-form pieces on everything from policy to local and national elections.


54 Projects Completed

Evelyn has written various long-form articles and e-books on medicine, most often working in the space of cancer and terminal diseases. These include diagnosis and treatment guides, how-to e-books on finding the right doctor, and definitive guides on the stages of cancer. While not a current emphasis in her work, Evelyn continues to educate herself on medicine for a private client.


25 Projects Completed

Evelyn has ghostwritten flash fiction, comic book scripts, short stories, and novellas for clients, including the following genres: drama, YA, fantasy, science fiction, magic realism, thriller, suspense, and horror. Word counts for these range from 250 words to 15,000 words and is dependent on the client's needs.

Evelyn has also worked as a story consultant and ghostwriter for short films, using her knowledge of Joseph Campbell's "A Hero's Journey," three-act and five-act structure, character arcs, dialogue, plot, and more to deliver strong stories written to be viewed across media platforms.


1,501 Projects Completed

Evelyn has worked with numerous clients who need freelance writers to generate content. Along with writing in-depth journalistic pieces, she has generated articles on scientific discoveries, trends in the real estate market, financial and business how-to articles, international affairs developments, and medical diseases and treatments.

Product Description

900 Projects Completed

Evelyn has worked closely with over a dozen companies to craft product descriptions that fit a specific demographic and need. From humorous descriptions on things a person can buy on the web to more refined explanations of high-end fashion, Evelyn revises these pieces until the client is satisfied.

Blog Post

316 Projects Completed

In addition to ghostwriting blog posts for busy marketing and business entrepreneurs, Evelyn has worked as a guest blog post writer for several publications, often working in the political and environmentally friendly communities. She is well-versed in film and music reviews, mindfulness practices, internet developments, vegan cooking, and other subjects, but is most often contacted for pieces relating to personality and lifestyle trends.

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