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As a professional, Candice takes pride in accomplishing goals and superseding expectations set by team members, clients and management. Starting as a college student focused in Marine Biology, she has transformed her professional career with notable positions from different companies, such as publishing organizations and asset management specialists.

Working hard and constantly adapting are two attributes that continuously orbit her work ethic mentality. Candice can take on and succeed at challenges thrown her way in any professional sphere, and she looks forward to continue to grow as an individual while simultaneously expanding her knowledge and passions in regards to her diverse career.
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Associate Business Consultant, Business Consultant, Web Content Manager, Administrative/ Sales Assistant, Copy Editor/ Writer


Writing, Editing, Consultancy, Marketing, Science


Golden West College

Candice excelled in English, Creative Writing, Biology, Journalism and was an active member of the Golden West College Newspaper. She was tasked to write copy for a wide range of literature and campaign materials, as well as press releases and policy documents.


301 Projects Completed

Apart from writing, Candice is a competent and experienced administrator with a good working knowledge of Excel spreadsheets. Her background in science helps her to write authoritatively on a wide range of subjects.
She has written a daily column for an online reminiscence newspaper, as well as a daily quiz and a monthly resource pack, all aimed at bringing a little sparkle into the lives of people in care homes and day centers across the country.

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1,077 Projects Completed

Candice is an accomplished blogger who has done many pieces over the years in various categories. Her expertise in technology, fashion, business, banking, history, and the sciences make her the perfect candidate for a wide range of blogging projects. She has been writing all of her life and this is why she understands blogging is more than technicalities, more than grammar, and more than phrasing words together. It is an art.

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